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Latest Tax Accounting and Research Articles June 2024 - January 2020

Eleventh Circuit Invalidates Notice Identifying Conservation Easements as Listed Transactions. 06/2024

IRS Issues Proposed Regulations on Clean Electricity Credits. 06/2024

Supreme Court: Estate's Value Includes Insurance Proceeds Used to Redeem Shares. 06/2024

Partnership Did Not Have To Substantiate Assets In Order to Make Valid BBA Election. 06/2024

Widow Can't Recover Litigation Costs After Prevailing on Innocent Spouse Issue. 06/2024

Court Denies Taxpayer's Request to Dismiss Willful FBAR Penalties Case. 06/2024

Taxpayers' Ranching and Ecotourism Losses Can't Be Used to Offset Other Income. 06/2024

Tax Court Rejects IRS's Treatment of Option and Sale Agreements as a Sham Transaction. 06/2024

Termination of Marital Trusts Did Not Result in Gift Tax Liability. 06/2024

Proposed Regs Remove Associated Property Rule From Interest Capitalization Rules. 06/2024

"Funded" Research Precludes Engineering Firm from Taking Research Tax Credits. 06/2024

IRS Issues Final Regulations on Transfers of Energy Credits Under the Inflation Reduction Act. 05/2024

IRS Finalizes Proposed Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Regulations Proposed in 2008. 05/2024

D.C. Circuit Affirms Penalties for Failing to Report Foreign Bank Accounts. 05/2024

IRS Issues Final Regulations Regarding Clean Vehicle Credits. 05/2024

Tax Court Invalidates Notice of Deficiency Due to IRS Address Change Irregularities. 05/2024

Tax Court Nixes Theft Loss Deduction for Decline in Cash Value of Life Insurance Policies. 05/2024

IRS: 2024 Will Be the Last Transitional Relief Year for Required Minimum Distributions. 05/2024

In-Depth: District Court Rejects Charitable Contribution Workaround to SALT Deduction Cap. 05/2024

Court Denies Arizona's Motion to Enjoin IRS From Taxing State Rebate Payments. 04/2024

Tax Court Finds IRS Lacked Authority to Assess Sec. 6038(b) Penalties. 04/2024

Tax Court Reverses Course on Easement Donations; Holds Proceeds Reg Violates APA. 04/2024

Final Regulations Modify the Definition of Short -Term, Limited-Duration Insurance. 04/2024

Tax Court Invalidates Regulation on Disaster-Related Postponements of Filing Deadlines. 04/2024

In-Depth Look: Guidance Addresses Tax Treatment of Rebates on Purchases of Energy ... 04/2024

Tax Court Improperly Dismissed Taxpayer's CDP Challenge As Moot, Third Circuit Says. 04/2024

Taxpayer Can't Avoid Being a Responsible Person Due to CPA's Embezzlement Scheme. 04/2024

Second Circuit: Jurisdictional Dismissals of Small Tax Cases Cannot Be Appealed. 04/2024

IRS Issues Proposed Regulations on Advance Notice of Third-Party Contacts. 04/2024

Majority of Professor's Stock Sale Does Not Qualify for Preferential Tax Treatment. 04/2024

In-Depth: Proposed Regs Identify Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts as Listed Transactions. 04/2024

Secretive Husband Who Failed to Share Financial Info Is Solely Liable for Deficiency. 03/2024

Statute of Limitations on Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Was Not Triggered by Filing Form 941. 03/2024

Taxpayer Can't Escape Assessments on Excess IRA Contributions. 03/2024

IRS Issues Final Regs and Other Guidance on Elective Payments of Clean Energy Credits. 03/2024

Taxpayers Hit with Civil Fraud Penalties for Sham Trust Arrangement. 03/2024

Flawed Appraisal Dooms $20 Million Conservation Easement Charitable Deduction. 03/2024

Taxpayer Properly Added Bond Fees to Basis for Purposes of Low-Income Housing Credit. 03/2024

Returns That Omit Estimated Tax Payments Are Not In Processible Form for Purposes ... 03/2024

Taxpayer Had Unreported Income Due to Workers' Compensation Offset Rule. 03/2024

Third Party Payers Are Liable for Improperly Claimed Employee Retention Credits. 03/2024

Taxpayer's Refund Request on Amended Return Was Untimely, Court Finds. 02/2024

Taxpayer Constructively Received Early IRA Distribution Due to Criminal Forfeiture. 02/2024

What to Do About Missing or Incorrect Forms W-2 and Forms 1099. 02/2024

Sixth Circuit Holds That the Willful FBAR Penalty Applies to Reckless Conduct. 02/2024

Option Agreement to Purchase Shares in Family Business Was a Taxable Gift. 02/2024

IRS Issues Annual Vehicle Depreciation and Lease Inclusion Amounts for 2024. 02/2024

Tax Court Sides with Taxpayer: Transfers Between S Corps Were Not Debt Transactions. 02/2024

IRS Issues Guidance on the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit. 02/2024

Innocent Spouse Claim Nixed by Significant Benefit to Taxpayer from Underpayments. 02/2024

Microcaptive Insurance Arrangement Fails to Pass Muster in Tax Court. 02/2024

In-Depth: House Passes $78 Billion Bipartisan Tax Relief Bill; Separate SALT Relief Bill Introduced. 02/2024

Initial Guidance Provided on Pension-Linked Emergency Savings Accounts. 01/2024

Partnerships Get Additional Time to Provide Complete Forms 8308. 01/2024

January 31 Deadline is Approaching for Forms W-2 and 1099. 01/2024

IRS Reconsiders Gift Tax Consequences of Trust Tax Reimbursement Clauses. 01/2024

Tax Court Petition Mailed By Erroneous Due Date on Notice of Deficiency Was Timely. 01/2024

Guidance: Digital Assets Should Be Excluded in Determining if Form 8300 Must Be Filed. 01/2024

IRS Updates Guidance on Availability of Exemptions from E-Filing Requirements. 01/2024

Most Popular: Lawmakers Announce Framework for Bipartisan Tax Deal. 01/2024

IRS Modifies Interim Guidance on Amortization of Research Expenditures. 01/2024

Tax Court Allows Estimated Cost of Goods Sold Expense; Upholds Accuracy Related Penalty. 01/2024

IRS Provides Guidance on SECURE 2.0 Act Retirement Plan Changes. 01/2024

In-Depth Look: Top Tax Developments of 2023. 01/2024

IRS Issues Standard Mileage Rates for 2024. 01/2024

Court Rejects Taxpayer's Argument That IRS Waived Formal Refund Requirements. 01/2024

Settlement Payment for Wrongful Termination Was Not Excludable from Income. 01/2024

IRS Issues Proposed Regs to Implement the Advanced Manufacturing Production Credit. 01/2024

IRS Provides Penalty Relief for Certain Returns Filed During COVID-19 Pandemic. 01/2024

IRS Extends Safe Harbor for Incremental Cost of Commercial Clean Vehicles to 2024. 12/2023

IRS Issues Guidance on Clean Vehicle Credit Excluded Entity Provisions. 12/2023

$700,000 Settlement Payment from Apartment Complex Was Not Excludable from Income. 12/2023

Functional Analysis Determines Limited Partner Status for Self-Employment Tax Purposes. 12/2023

Proposed Regs Address 401(k) Plans for Long-Term Part-Time Employees. 12/2023

Proposed Regs Update Rules on Transactions Between Related Persons and Partnerships. 12/2023

Fifth Circuit Affirms Denial of Construction Contractor's Claims for Research Credits. 12/2023

Proposed Regs Address SECURE 2.0 Act Conservation Contribution Disallowance Rule. 12/2023

Sixth Circuit Vacates District Court's Decision Invalidating Notice 2007-83. 12/2023

Proposed Regs Provide Guidance on Energy Credit. 11/2023

In-Depth Look: 2023 Year-End Tax Planning for BUSINESSES. 11/2023

CPA Sample Client Letter: 2023 Year-End Tax Planning for BUSINESSES. 11/2023

401(k) Contribution Limit Increases to $23,000 for 2024; IRA Limit is $7,000. 11/2023

Exchange of Variable Contracts Results in $71 Million Short-Term Capital Gain. 11/2023

IRS Announces 2024 Inflation Adjustments. 11/2023

In-Depth Look: 2023 Year-End Tax Planning for INDIVIDUALS. 11/2023

CPA Sample Client Letter: 2023 Year-End Tax Planning for INDIVIDUALS. 11/2023

IRS Whistleblower Office Did Not Abuse Discretion in Determining Award Amount. 11/2023

Translation Error Raises Question as to Taxpayer's Willfulness in Failing to File FBAR. 11/2023

Social Security Announces 3.2 Percent Cost of Living Adjustment for 2024. 11/2023

Tax Court Nixes Attempted Rollover of Cash Proceeds from Sale of Partnership Interest. 11/2023

IRS Postpones Deadlines for Taxpayers Affected by Terrorist Attacks in Israel. 11/2023

Court Upholds Validity of Closing Agreement Waiving Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. 10/2023

IRS Extends Replacement Period under Section 1033 for Certain Livestock Sales. 10/2023

Tax Court: 30-Day Deadline to Request CDP Hearing Can Be Equitably Tolled. 10/2023

Real Estate Investor Couldn't Rely on CPA to Excuse Accuracy-Related Penalties. 10/2023

Revenue from Hotel's Operating Fund Was Not Excludable Under Trust Fund Doctrine. 10/2023

Cash Value of Life Insurance Policy Was Taxable Under Split-Dollar Insurance Rules. 10/2023

IRS Provides Guidance on Transfers of Clean Vehicle Credits Beginning in 2024. 10/2023

IRS Updates Wash Sale Rules for Redemptions of Shares in Money Market Funds. 10/2023

Widow Wins Refund of Lien Proceeds Due to Innocent Spouse Relief. 10/2023

Incarcerated Taxpayer Was Not Liable for Misappropriated IRA Distributions. 10/2023

IRS Issues Annual Per-Diem Guidance for 2023-2024. 10/2023

No Supervisory Approval Needed for Assessment of Penalties Under Sec. 6721(e). 10/2023

Federal Circuit: Court of Federal Claims Misapplied Step Transaction Doctrine. 10/2023

IRS Provides Guidance on New Energy Efficient Home Credit. 10/2023

Estate Administrator's Refund Lawsuit Kept Alive by IRS Processing Delays. 09/2023

Plan to Avoid Corporate Tax Through Interest Deductions Doesn't Fly in Tax Court. 09/2023

IRS Properly Referred Case to DOJ Before Rejecting Proposed Installment Agreement. 09/2023

Losses Flowing to S Portion of an ESBT Can Be Carried to Other Years as NOLs. 09/2023

IRS Issues Interim Guidance on Amortization of Research and Experimental Costs. 09/2023

IRS Provides Guidance On Federal Tax Treatment of 2023 State Tax Refunds. 09/2023

Tax Court Vacates Summary Judgment Order Due to Backdated Penalty Approval Form. 09/2023

Tax Court Reduces Deductions for Purported Rent Payments to S Corp's Owners. 09/2023

IRS Issues Proposed Regulations on Broker Reporting of Digital Asset Transactions. 09/2023

Taxpayer Had to Include COD Income in Year Lender's Time to File a Claim Expired. 09/2023

Ninth Circuit Upholds $8 Million Penalty Against Promoter of Timeshare Donation Scheme. 09/2023

IRS Delays Effective Date of SECURE 2.0 Act Roth Catchup Provision Two Years. 09/2023

IRS Issues Prop. Regs on Prevailing Wage & Apprenticeship Requirements for Increased ... 09/2023

Loans Discharged by Cancellation of Life Insurance Result in Taxable Distributions. 08/2023

Late-Filed Return Nixes Taxpayer's Claim for Refund of Excess Withholdings. 08/2023

Trust's Filing of Form 843 Did Not Qualify as a Valid Informal Refund Claim. 08/2023

Insolvent S Corp Can't Exclude Income from Debt Cancelled as Part of Sale of Property. 08/2023

Seventh Circuit Blocks Basketball Team Seller's Deduction for Deferred Comp Liability. 08/2023

IRS Provides Guidance on Electronic Filing Exemptions, Waivers, and Rejections. 08/2023

IRS Rules That Receipt of Crypto Units As Rewards for Staking Is Taxable Income. 08/2023

IRS Issues Final Regs Allowing Assessments of Erroneous Refunds of COVID-19 Credits. 08/2023

IRS Provides Guidance on Requirements for Claiming Home Energy Audit Credit. 08/2023

Employers Can't Rely on Supply Chain Disruptions to Claim Employee Retention Credit. 08/2023

Reporting Workers' Comp on W-2 May Result in Liability Under Section 7434. 08/2023

Tax Court Rejects Charitable Deduction for Purported Bargain Sale of Land. 08/2023

Proposed Regs Clarify Taxability of Insurance Not Paid for Actual Medical Expenses. 08/2023

Third Circuit Affirms That Uncashed Checks Had to be Included in Gross Estate. 07/2023

IRS Provides 2023 Transition Relief for Required Minimum Distributions. 07/2023

Fifth Circuit: Filing of False Payment Plan Statement Is Sufficient Evidence of Tax Evasion. 07/2023

Taxpayers Improperly Calculated Mortgage Interest Deduction for Year Home Was Sold. 07/2023

Passthrough Losses Disallowed Due to Taxpayers' Lack of Outside Basis in Partnerships. 07/2023

Taxpayer Properly Excluded Cancelled Debt from Income Due to Insolvency. 07/2023

No FICA Tax Refund for Non-U.S. Worker Who Failed to Obtain Official Certificate. 07/2023

IRS Announces That COVID-19 Rules for High Deductible Health Plans Expire After 2024. 07/2023

Taxpayer Had Reasonable Cause for Incomplete Substantiation of Conservation Easement. 07/2023

Taxpayer Can't Avoid IRS Levy by Transferring Cello to a Trust. 07/2023

Most Popular: Tax Court Rejects Petition Electronically Filed 11 Seconds After Midnight. 07/2023

Chief Counsel's Office: Wellness Indemnity Payments Are Taxable Income and Wages. 07/2023

Eight Circuit: Value of Taxable Estate Includes Insurance Proceeds Used to Redeem Shares. 06/2023

IRS Issues Guidance on Elective Payments and Transfers of Energy Credits. 06/2023

Tax Court Denies Litigation Costs to Taxpayer; IRS's Position Was Substantially Justified. 06/2023

District Court Rules IRS's John Doe Summons on Coinbase Was Not Unconstitutional. 06/2023

Tax Court: Discovery in Whistleblower Cases Requires Showing of Bad Faith by IRS. 06/2023

Fourth Circuit Rejects Presumption of Delivery Under Common Law Mailbox Rule. 06/2023

Eleventh Circuit: Hobby Losses Are Deductible Only as Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions. 06/2023

Fourth Circuit Affirms Tax Court's Holding That CEO's Bonuses Were Excessive. 06/2023

Estate Tax Liability Applies to Persons Who Received Property After Decedent's Death. 06/2023

Tax Court Lacks Jurisdiction Over Seriously Delinquent Tax Debt Notice Requirement. 06/2023

Supreme Court Resolves Circuit Split on Notice Requirement for Third Party Summonses. 06/2023

Tax Court: Fuel Blender's Excise Tax Credits Must Be Factored Into COGS Determination. 06/2023

Assessment Was Untimely Because Taxpayer's Disclosures Triggered Statute of Limitations. 06/2023

IRS Can Offset COVID-19 Tax Credits Against Liabilities of Third-Party Payors. 06/2023

Biotech Company Overstated Expenses in Calculating Research Credit. 06/2023

IRS Provides Initial Guidance on Domestic Content Bonus Credit. 05/2023

Court Rebuffs IRS's Request to Summarily Decide Semi Truck Excise Tax Case. 05/2023

Statute of Limitations on Assessment Does Not Apply to Tax Shelter Promoter Penalty. 05/2023

No Deduction Allowed in 2012 for Lawsuit Settlement Check Delivered in 2013. 05/2023

Interest Received on Past-Due Child Support Was Taxable Income. 05/2023

Taxpayer Prevails in Dispute Involving Receipt of Partnership Units for Services. 05/2023

Tax Court Dismisses Petition Filed Electronically Five Minutes Past Midnight. 05/2023

Chief Counsel's Office Explains Substantiation Requirements for Cafeteria Plan Payments. 05/2023

Election to Apply Tax Refund to Next Year's Taxes Did Not Bar Bankruptcy Discharge. 05/2023

Tax Court Holds That Virgin Islands Tax Return Did Not Trigger Statute of Limitations. 05/2023

Eleventh Circuit: Tax Court Has No Jurisdiction to Redetermine Interest on Deposit. 05/2023

IRS Obsoletes Decades-Old Guidance on Accounting for Research and Experimental Costs. 05/2023

Protocol Upgrade to Blockchain Distributed Ledger Does Not Result in Gain or Loss. 05/2023

Taxpayers' Attempt to Exclude Income and Defer Gain Using CRATs Falls Short. 05/2023

Court Holds That IRS Waited Too Long to Recover Excess Interest via Refund Offset. 04/2023

IRS Cannot Assess Penalties for Failing to Report Interests in Foreign Corporations. 04/2023

Proposed Regulations Identify Micro-captive Transactions As Listed Transactions. 04/2023

Disability Benefits Paid Under Dual-Purpose Statute Were Excludable from Income. 04/2023

Penalty for Frivolous Filings Applies to Returns Made on Behalf of Other Taxpayers. 04/2023

IRS Provides Safe Harbor Language for Conservation Easement Deeds. 04/2023

IRS Issues Proposed Regulations on Supervisory Approval Of Penalty Assessments. 04/2023

No Stepped-Up Basis for Trust Assets That Were Not Included in Gross Estate. 04/2023

EV Credit Proposed Regs Implement Vehicle Component Requirements; Include ... 04/2023

Tax Liens Allowed Chapter 7 Trustee to Avoid Disclaimed Inheritance Under Federal Law. 03/2023

Trust Language Doomed Estate's Deduction for Transfer of CRAT Interest to Charity. 04/2023

IRS FAQs Address Medical Expenses Related to Nutrition, Wellness, and General Health. 04/2023

Change in Treatment of Leased Farmland Was an Improper Accounting Method Change. 04/2023

Court Orders IRS to Refund Excessive Tax Return Preparer Fees. 04/2023

Lawyer's Claimed Deduction for Racing Car Activities Stalls Out in Tax Court. 03/2023

Tax Court Holds That Blog Posts Were Properly Admitted in Innocent Spouse Case. 04/2023

Plan to Avoid Gain on Sale of Company by Donating Shares to Charity Goes Awry. 03/2023

IRS Provides Guidance on Treatment of Nonfungible Tokens as Collectibles. 04/2023

Proposed Regulations Implement the Advanced Manufacturing Investment Credit. 03/2023

Taxpayer Survives Summary Judgment in Conservation Easement Case. 03/2023

Third Circuit Finds Horse Farm with History of Losses Wasn't Operated for Profit. 03/2023

Extension Requests and Other Filings Didn't Constitute an Informal Refund Claim. 03/2023

Chief Counsel's Office: Conservation Easement Promoter's Gain is Ordinary Income. 03/2023

Ninth Circuit: Partnership Did Not File Return by Faxing It to IRS Agent. 03/2023

No Whistleblower Award for Information Leading to the Creation of OVDI Program. 03/2023

IRS Issues Final Regs on Electronic Filing; Lower Thresholds Don't Apply Until 2024. 03/2023

Value of QTIP Trust in Estate Wasn't Reduced by Payment for Undistributed Income. 03/2023

IRS Lengthens Refund Lookback Period for Returns with Covid-Postponed Due Dates. 03/2023

Supreme Court Reins in FBAR Penalties; Rejects IRS's Per-Account Approach. 03/2023

Fourth Circuit Reverses Lower Courts; ACA Penalty Is Entitled to Priority Status in Bankruptcy. 03/2023

IRS Proposes New Voluntary Tip Reporting Program for Service Industry Employers. 03/2023

Divided Tax Court: IRS's Section 482 Income Allocation is Valid; Foreign Legal Restriction .... 02/2023

What to Do About Missing or Incorrect Forms W-2 and Forms 1099. 02/2023

Nonresident Alien May Have Ordinary Income on Sale of Interest in U.S. Partnership. 02/2023

IRS Revises Vehicle Classifications for Purposes of Sec. 30D Clean Vehicle Credit. 02/2023

IRS Advises That 2022 State Relief Payments Should Not Be Reported as Income. 02/2023

Tenth Circuit Agrees Reverses Tax Court; Upholds Civil Fraud Penalty. 02/2023

IRS Issues Annual Vehicle Depreciation and Lease Inclusion Amounts for 2023. 02/2023

Ninth Circuit Affirms Tax Court's Ruling That It Can't Refund a TIPRA Payment. 02/2023

Tax Court Upholds IRS Certification of Taxpayer's Seriously Delinquent Tax Debt. 02/2023

Engineering Firm Entitled to Section 179D Deduction Allocated from Federal Facility. 02/2023

New Procedure Allows Real Estate Developers to Use Optional Safe Harbor Method. 02/2023

Cryptocurrency Deduction Cannot be Valued Using a Cryptocurrency Exchange. 02/2023

IRS Properly Issued Summonses Relating to Monetized Installment Sale Transactions. 02/2023

Tax Court Holds That Despite Losses, Cattle Ranch Was Operated for Profit. 01/2023

Defense Contractor Can't Exclude Employer-Provided Housing from Income. 01/2023

January 31 Deadline Draws Near for Forms W-2, 1099-MISC, and 1099-NEC. 01/2023

CPA Sample Client Letter: Requirement to File Forms 1099-MISC, and 1099-NEC. January 2023

Chief Counsel's Office Says No Section 165 Deduction for Decline in Value of Cryptocurrency. 01/2023

New Mexico Law Doesn't Allow Debtor to Exempt EITC Refunds from Bankruptcy Estate. 01/2023

IRS Delays Implementation of Lower $600 Form 1099-K Reporting Threshold to 2023. 01/2023

IRS Issues Standard Mileage Rates for 2023; Business Use Increases 3 Cents Per Mile. 01/2023

IRS Eliminates Audit Protection for Certain Sec. 174 Accounting Method Changes. 01/2023

IRS Provides Guidance Regarding Clean Vehicle and Commercial Clean Vehicle Credits. 01/2023

In-Depth: CAA 2023 Signed into Law; Overhauls Retirement Plan Tax Rules. 01/2023

Debtors Cannot Hide Funds by Parking Them With the IRS as Estimated Tax Payments. 01/2023

Proposed Regs Identify Syndicated Conservation Easements as Listed Transactions. 01/2023

Final Regs Permanently Extend Deadline for Furnishing Forms 1095-B and 1095-C. 01/2023

IRS Gives Automatic Approval for Accounting Method Changes for Research Expenses. 12/2022

IRS Finalizes Rules on Treatment of Partnership Special Enforcement Matters. 12/2022

MOST POPULAR: Top Tax Developments of 2022. 12/2022

Year-End Spending Bill Includes Retirement Plan, Conservation Easement Changes. 12/2022

Taxes Shown on Belated Tax Filings Don't Qualify for Discharge in Bankruptcy. 12/2022

Ninth Circuit Reverses District Court; Trustee Can't Avoid Tax Lien on Homestead. 12/2022

Tax Court Holds That 90-Day Deadline is Jurisdictional, Not Subject to Equitable Tolling. 12/2022

On Remand from Eighth Circuit, Mayo Clinic Wins $11 Million UBIT Refund. 12/2022

Section 2032A Election on Estate Return Filed Five Years Late Is Valid. 12/2022

IRS Issues Guidance on Prevailing Wage and Apprenticeship Requirements. 12/2022

Ninth Circuit Rejects En Banc Rehearing of Mandatory Repatriation Tax Case. 12/2022

Section 7434 Only Creates a Cause of Action if Information Return is False or Misleading. 12/2022

Trusts Can't Recover Underpayment Interest on $71 Million Deposit Not Used to Pay Tax. 12/2022

Tax Court Invalidates Notice Identifying Conservation Easements as Listed Transactions. 12/2022

Tax Court Rejects Deduction for Poorly Documented NOLs from Restaurant Franchises. 12/2022

IRS Provides Procedure for Certain Large Businesses to File Qualified Amended Returns. 11/2022

Ninth Circuit's Opinion in Seaview Trading Vacated; En Banc Rehearing Ordered. 11/2022

Company Owner's Daughter Is a Responsible Person for Two Payroll Quarters. 11/2022

Ninth Circuit Vacates Tax Court Decision That Denied Litigation Costs to Taxpayer. 11/2022

2023 Contribution Limit for 401(k) Plans Increases to $22,500; IRA Limit Is $6,500. 11/2022

In-Depth Look: 2022 Year-End Tax Planning Guide for BUSINESSES. 11/26/2022

CPA Sample Client Letter: 2022 Year-End Tax Planning for BUSINESSES. 11/26/2022

MOST POPULAR: In-Depth Look: 2022 Year-End Tax Planning Guide for INDIVIDUALS. 11/26/2022

CPA Sample Client Letter: 2022 Year-End Tax Planning for INDIVIDUALS. 11/26/2022

Confirmation of Bankruptcy Plan Doesn't Lift Automatic Stay of Tax Court Proceedings. 11/2022

Accounting Firm Distributed Client-Based Intangibles to Former Partners. 11/2022

IRS Expands Cafeteria Plan Change-in-Status Rules in Connection with Family Glitch Fix. 11/2022

IRS Announces 2023 Inflation Adjustments; Social Security Benefits Up 8.7% for 2023. 11/2022

IRS Finalizes Regs That Fix "Family Glitch" in Premium Tax Credit. 11/2022

Daughter Wasn't Authorized to Represent Deceased Mother in Tax Court. 10/2022

Architecture Firm Can Continue with Refund Suit Against the IRS. 10/2022

Chief Counsel's Office Advises on Application of Codified Economic Substance Doctrine. 10/2022

Transfers of Crops to CRATs Are Not Deductible as Charitable Contributions. 10/2022

Popular: IRS Addresses Confusion over Changes to RMD Rules; Postpones Certain Deadlines. 10/2022

Sole Shareholder Received Constructive Distributions from Fraudulent Transactions. 10/2022

Annual Per-Diem Guidance Issued for 2022-2023. 10/2022

Taxpayer Using Swiss Accounts to Hide Income from Wife & IRS Subject to Civil Fraud Penalty. 10/2022

Donor Does Not Have a "Right" to Decide Where Donor Advised Funds Are Donated. 10/2022

Proposed Regs Address Resolution of Federal Tax Controversies without Litigation. 09/2022

Improperly Forgiven PPP Loans Can't Be Excluded from Income. 09/2022

Court Rejects IRS Motion for Summary Judgment in Conservation Easement Case. 09/2022

Harvard Professor's Conviction for Filing False Tax Returns and FBAR Violations Upheld. 09/2022

Settlement Includable in Income; Agreement Failed to Specify if Personal Injuries Were Physical. 09/2022

Couple Can't Avoid Accuracy-Related Penalties Based on Filing of Amended Returns. 09/2022

Student Debt Relief Plan Could Result in State Income Tax Liability in Some States. 09/2022

Fifth Circuit Reverses District Court in Refund Action involving TEFRA Partnerships. 09/2022

Eleventh Circuit Affirms Tax Court's Disallowance of $78 Million Tax Shelter Loss. 09/2022

Tax Court Rejects Taxpayer's Challenges to Validity of Closing Agreement. 09/2022

Most Popular: Third Circuit Affirms That Executor Can Be Held Liable for Estate Tax Deficiency. 09/2022

Court Nixes IRS Attempt to Change Loan Payment into Sec. 707(c) Guaranteed Payment. 09/2022

Most Popular: IRS Provides Relief for Certain 2019 and 2020 Tax Return Penalties. 09/2022

D.C. Circuit Allows Disclosure of Former President's Tax Returns to Ways and Means Committee. 08/2022

Tax Court Remands Whistleblower Case Without Retaining Jurisdiction. 08/2022

Fifth Circuit Upholds $1.5 Billion Judgment Against Oil and Gas Company. 08/2022

Veteran's Service-Related Pension Was Taxable, Despite a VA Disability Determination. 08/2022

Pursuit of After-Tax Profit Through Use of Tax Credits Is a Legitimate Business Activity. 08/2022

Popular: In-Depth: Key Tax Provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act. (Client Letters Included) 08/2022

CPA Sample Client Letter: Inflation Reduction Act (Individuals). 08/2022

CPA Sample Client Letter: Inflation Reduction Act (Businesses). 08/2022

Refund of Withheld Social Security Income Was Exempt in Bankruptcy. 08/2022

Popular: A Detailed Look: Weekend Vote-a-Rama Ends with Senate Passing Healthcare/Tax/Climate Bill. 08/2022

Support Payments with Child-Related Contingencies Were Not Deductible as Alimony. 08/2022

Third Circuit: Taxpayer's Actions Indicated His Failure to File FBAR Was Willful. 08/2022

Popular: In-Depth: Key Parts of Build Back Better Act Revived as the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act. 08/2022

Criminal Referral of LLC's Agent Didn't Preclude IRS from Issuing Summons to LLC. 07/2022

IRS Can Disclose Return Information to Tax Court in Whistleblower Case. 07/2022

Veteran's Refund Action for Tax Paid on Recouped Separation Pay Was Time-Barred. 07/2022

Fingerprinting Delays of IRS Personnel May Increase Taxpayer Data Exposure, TIGTA Warns. 07/2022

Trust Owner Was Unjustly Enriched by Distributions, Except for Portion Used to Pay Taxes. 07/2022

Assignment-of-Income Doctrine Precludes Taxpayer's Charitable Deduction. 07/2022

IRS Extends Time for Making a Portability Election From Two to Five Years. 07/2022

Tax Lien Filed in County Where Taxpayer Didn't Live Was Not Effective. 07/2022

U.S. Contractor Living in Saudi Arabia Qualified for Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. 07/2022

IRS Lien Attached to Sale Proceeds Paid Directly to Taxpayer's Ex-Wife as Alimony. 07/2022

Sixth Circuit Finds Millionaire Car Salesman Guilty of Tax Evasion. 07/2022

Offer In Compromise Is Considered Rejected When Returned to Taxpayer. 07/2022

Charity's Acknowledgment Letter Failed Substantiation Test; Deduction Denied. 07/2022

Most Popular: Proposed Regs Address Deductions for Interest and Claims Against an Estate. 07/2022

Former CEO Accused of Large-Scale Tax Evasion Found Competent to Stand Trial. 06/2022

Tax Court Rejects Partnership's Attempt to Treat Land Sold at a Loss as Inventory. 06/2022

Mortgage Interest Deduction Denied Due to Uncertain Foreclosure Proceeds Allocation. 06/2022

Popular: IRS Increases Optional Mileage Rates for Last 6 Months of 2022 Due to Higher Fuel Prices. 06/2022

Website Was a Trade or Business When Opened to the Public, Despite Earning No Income. 06/2022

Third Circuit Affirms Penalty for Willfully Failing to Disclose Foreign Bank Accounts. 06/2022

Chief Counsel's Office Advises That Termination Fees Are Capital Losses Under Code Sec 1234A. 06/2022

Court Allows Adversary Proceeding Against Former S Corp Shareholders To Go Forward. 06/2022

Prison Time Increased for Lawyer/CPA Who Used Sophisticated Means to Conceal Crimes. 06/2022

Tenth Circuit Refuses to Void Ruling on Taxpayer's Employment Tax Liability. 06/2022

Missing Document Dooms Taxpayer's Charitable Donation Deduction. 06/2022

Bankruptcy Court Doesn't Buy IRS's Excuses for Attempting to Collect Discharged Debts. 06/2022

IRS Updates FAQs for New Schedules K-2 and K-3. 06/2022

Third Circuit: ACA Shared Responsibility Payment Is a Priority Claim in Bankruptcy. 06/2022

Tenth Circuit Upholds Tax Court; Deals Significant Blow to Microcaptives. 06/2022

Sixth Circuit Addresses Right of First Refusal in Low-Income Housing Credit Dispute. 06/2022

Self-Directed IRA Retains Qualified Status and Is Exempt from Bankruptcy Estate. 06/2022

Inspector General Report: IRS Needs Service-Wide Strategy to Address Electronic Filing ... 06/2022

IRS Allows Tax-Favored Paid Leave Donation Programs for Ukraine Relief Through 2022. 06/2022

Ninth Circuit Reverses Tax Court; FPAA Ran Afoul of Statute of Limitations. 06/2022

GAO Reports 44 Percent Drop in Audit Rates; Biggest Decrease Applies to Wealthiest Taxpayers. 05/2022

Excess Contribution to IRA Precludes Annuity from Being Exempt in Bankruptcy Estate. 05/2022

Chief Counsel's Office Has Authority to Override CCISO Innocent Spouse Determinations. 05/2022

CPA Liable for Taxes and Penalties for Defrauding Investors and Lenders. 05/2022

U.S. Official Can't Deduct Losses from Sales of Properties Purchased Using Ill-Gotten Funds. 05/2022

Popular: Eighth Circuit Affirms Tax Court; Payments to Shareholders Were Disguised Dividends. 05/2022

Popular: Proposed Regs Address TCJA Increase to Basic Exclusion Amount for Estate and Gift Tax. 05/2022

Most Popular: Failure to Spend 750 Hours on Rental Real Estate Activities Kills Deduction. 04/2022

Tax Court Can Review IRS Voluntary Classification Settlement Program Determinations. 04/2022

Airline Tickets Given to Adult Relatives Must Be Included in Couple's Income. 04/2022

Reversing Lower Courts, Supreme Court Holds Puerto Rico Residents Ineligible for SSI. 04/2022

Supreme Court: 30-Day Deadline for Tax Court Petitions in CDP Cases Isn't Jurisdictional. 04/2022

Popular: Company Liable for Back Taxes and Penalties for Misclassifying Nurses as Contractors. 04/2022

Corporate Officer Can't Avoid Employee Classification for Employment Tax Purposes. 04/2022

No Monetary Relief Available for Taxpayer Who Received Bad Tax Advice from Employer. 04/2022

Tax Court Questions Whether Sale of Residence Was Due to Wife's Health Problems. 04/2022

Taxpayer Beats IRS in Controversy Involving Payments to Continuing Care Community. 04/2022

Proposed Regs Would Amend Premium Tax Credit to Fix "Family Glitch" in Affordable Care Act. 04/2022

Fees Charged by Securities Exchange Were Not Domestic Production Gross Receipts. 04/2022

Most Popular: IRS Fact Sheet Discusses Crowdfunding Tax Treatment and Recordkeeping. 04/2022

Informal Discussion of Penalties Didn't Trigger Supervisor Approval Requirement. 04/2022

IRS Provides Penalty Relief for Estimated Tax Underpayments to Farmers and Fishermen. 04/2022

U.S. Shareholder's Treatment of CFC Stock Must Match CFC's Apportionment Method. 04/2022

Annual Vehicle Depreciation and Lease Inclusion Amounts Reflect Jump in Inflation. 04/2022

Ninth Circuit Reverses Tax Court; Agrees with IRS's Position on Penalty Approval. 04/2022

Most Popular: IRS Issues New Tax Basis Form for S Corporation Shareholders. 04/2022

IRS's Claim for Employer Shared Responsibility Payment Has Priority In Bankruptcy. 03/2022

Sixth Circuit Reverses Lower Court; IRS Violated Administrative Procedure Act in Issuing Notice .... 03/2022

Company's Payments for Coding Class Tuition Were Not Deductible Business Expenses. 03/2022

Summary Judgment Denied in $9 Million FBAR Penalty Case. 03/2022

Tax Court Reduces IRS Cuts to Compensation Deduction for CEO. 03/2022

Taxpayer's Offer Letter to IRS Doomed Later Attempt to Recover Litigation Costs. 03/2022

Circuits Split on Validity of Conservation Easement "Proceeds" Regulation. 03/2022

Litigator Who Specialized in Tax Fraud Cases Is Liable for Tax Fraud Penalty. 03/2022

Taxpayer Could Not Recover Litigation Costs Where IRS Promptly Conceded the Case. 03/2022

Proceeds from Sale of Basketball Team Are Not Reduced by Unpaid Deferred Comp. 03/2022

Traveling Steamfitter Properly Deducted Expenses While Away from Home. 03/2022

Noncustodial Parent Qualified for Dependency Exemption Based on State Court Order. 03/2022

IRS Won't Follow Court Ruling on Limitations Period for Backup-Withholding Assessments. 03/2022

IRS Loses Big on Split-Dollar Life Insurance Estate Tax Case. 03/2022

Popular: IRS Issues Proposed Regs on Required Minimum Distributions from Retirement Plans. 03/2022

Conviction of Manufacturing VP for Failing to Remit Payroll Taxes Upheld. 03/2022

Tax Court Can't Consider Refund Claim When IRS Collection Action No Longer Exists. 03/2022

Most Popular: Supreme Court's Boyle Decision Applies to E-Filed Returns. 02/2022

Constructive Distribution to Foreign Sub Results in Gain Recognition Under Sec. 367. 02/2022

IRS Makes Significant Revisions to Automatic Accounting Method Change Procedure. 02/2022

Most Popular: Updated IRS FAQs Explain How to Claim 2021 Recovery Rebate Credits. 02/2022

State Law Gives IRS Priority Over Inheritors' Interest in Wrongful Levy Case. 02/2022

Former IRS Attorney Loses Appeal in Tax Evasion Case. 02/2022

Eleventh Circuit Remands Case to Recalculate Taxpayer's FBAR Penalties. 02/2022

IRS Revises Guidance on Determining Substantially Equal Periodic Payments. 02/2022

Property Leasing Website Is a Brokerage Service for Purposes of Sec. 1202. 02/2022

IRS Provides Procedures for 2021 Non-filers to Access Tax Benefits. 02/2022

Taxpayers Made Valid Informal Refund Claim, Despite Using Wrong Form. 02/2022

D.C. Circuit Reverses Two Tax Court Rulings on Jurisdiction in Whistleblower Cases. 01/2022

Most Popular: ER Doc Cannot Deduct Condo Costs as Office Expense. 01/2022

Lower Reporting Thresholds Apply to Third Party Network Payments Beginning in 2022. 01/2022

Most Popular: How to Handle Missing Forms W-2 and Forms 1099. 01/2022

Unsigned Refund Claims Were Not "Duly Filed" and Thus Were Invalid. 01/2022

Wealthy Doctor Who Lied and Hid Assets Can't Get Tax Debts Discharged. 01/2022

Court Agrees with $8.46 Million Penalty on Promoter of Time-Share Donation Scheme. 01/2022

Losses Incurred in Couple's Miniature Donkey Breeding Activity Are Deductible. 01/2022

Court Stays Ruling Allowing Disclosure of Trump's Tax Returns Pending Appeal. 01/2022

Eleventh Circuit Invalidates Extinguishment Proceeds Regulation. 01/2022

Providing Substantial Services Turns Rental Income into Self-Employment Income. 01/2022

Most Popular: January 31 Deadline Is Fast Approaching for Forms W-2 and 1099. 01/2022

CPA Sample Client Letter: Requirement to File Forms 1099. 01/2022

Debtor Cannot Proceed Under Bankruptcy Subchapter V. 01/2022

Pending Refund Action Barred Tax Court from Hearing Innocent Spouse Claim. 01/2022

Business, Medical, and Moving Standard Mileage Rates Increase for 2022. 01/2022

Tax Court Rejects Taxpayer's Claim for Relief Under Section 66(c) on S Corp Income. 12/2021

Failure to Stick to Business Plan Dooms Taxpayer's Business Expense Deductions. 12/2021

IRS Issues Automatic Change Procedures to Comply with Small Business Accounting Regs. 12/2021

Most Popular: Top 12 Tax Developments of 2021. 12/2021

Proposed Regs Permanently Extend Form 1095 Deadline, Eliminate Transitional Relief. 12/2021

Employer's Inclusion of Reimbursed Expenses on Form 1099 Was Not Fraudulent. 12/2021

Fifth Circuit Weighs In on FBAR Penalty Issue; Finds Taxpayer Liable for Higher Penalty. 12/2021

IRS Provides Guidance on Retroactive Termination of Employee Retention Credit. 12/2021

Court Denies Estate's Deduction for Charitable Contribution of Farm Sale Proceeds. 12/2021

100-Percent Meal Deduction Applies to 2021 and 2022 Per Diem Rate or Allowance. 12/2021

IRS Issues Inflation-Adjusted Amounts for 2022. 12/2021

Physical Possession of Coins Owned by Self-Directed IRA Was a Taxable Distribution. 12/2021

IRS Explains Treatment of Tax Items Affected by Paycheck Protection Program Loans. 11/2021

Build Back Better Bill Passes by Slim Margin in House; Faces Hurdle in Senate. 11/29/2021

Tax Court's Jurisdiction Over Whistleblower Appeals Survives Whistleblower's Death. 11/2021

CPA's Advice Did Not Provide Reasonable Cause for Late Returns and Tax Payments. 11/2021

Supervisory Approval Issue Must be Raised during Partnership-Level Proceedings. 11/2021

IRS Releases Retirement-Related COLAs; 401(k) Contribution Limit Increases to $20,500. 11/2021

In-Depth Look: 2021 Year-End Tax Planning Guide for BUSINESSES. 11/10/2021

CPA Sample Client Letter: Year-End Tax Planning for BUSINESSES. 11/10/2021

House Sends $1T Infrastructure Package to Biden; Build Back Better Bill on Hold. 11/2021

CPA Sample Client Letter: Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act - General Explanation. 11/2021

Debtor Must Pay Over Tax Refund Under Almost-Complete Bankruptcy Plan. 11/2021

Social Security Administration Announces a 5.9 Percent COLA. 11/2021

Business Owner's Tax Background Supported Imposition of Fraud Penalty. 11/2021

Claim of Right Doctrine Doesn't Apply to Trustee's Voluntary Repurchase of Stock. 11/2021

In-Depth Look: 2021 Year-End Tax Planning Guide for INDIVIDUALS. 11/01/2021

CPA Sample Client Letter: Year-End Tax Planning for INDIVIDUALS. 11/01/2021

IRS Provides Standards for LLCs to be Recognized as Tax Exempt Under Sec. 501(c)(3). 10/2021

Court Denies Refund Claim Because Taxpayer Missed Deadline for Changing Filing Status. 10/2021

IRS Can't Assess Underpayment Interest Where Overpayment Credits Exceed Deficiency. 10/2021

Court Rejects Government Attempt to Value Gifts Using Estate Tax Rules. 10/2021

Tax Court Allows Alimony Deduction for Health Insurance Purchased with Pre-Tax Earnings. 10/2021

Second Circuit Shoots Down States' Constitutional Challenges to SALT Deduction Cap. 10/2021

Taxpayer Avoids Penalty for Deducting Litigation Fees Involving Ex-Wife. 10/2021

Court Enjoins Enforcement of IRS Reporting Rules for Micro-captive Transactions. 10/2021

IRS Extends Replacement Period under Section 1033 for Certain Livestock Sales. 10/2021

Value of Taxable Estate Includes Insurance Proceeds Used to Redeem Shares. 10/2021

CPA's Notation About Client's Foreign Earnings Is Admissible in Client's Trial. 10/2021

IRS Issues Regs on Recapturing Excess COVID Employment Tax Credits in 2021. 09/2021

Close Vote Expected on Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. 09/2021

Eleventh Circuit Upholds Conviction for Elaborate Scheme to Avoid Paying Taxes. 09/2021

Knowledge of Husband's Tax Scheme Dooms Wife's Innocent Spouse Relief Claim. 09/2021

IRS Issues 2021-2022 Special Per Diem Rates. 09/2021

Tax Court Holds That Retiree's Acting Career Was a Trade or Business. 09/2021

Levy Release for Economic Hardship Doesn't Apply to Corporations. 09/2021

SBA Implements Major Changes to COVID Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program. 09/2021

IRS Issues 2021 Reporting Guidance for Covid-Related Qualified Leave Wages. 09/2021

Deduction for Costs Incurred in Searching for New Business Opportunities Disallowed. 09/2021

Whistleblower Award Properly Denied Where Info Didn't Lead to IRS Examination. 09/2021

IRS Error Gives Taxpayer Day in Court on Claim for Innocent Spouse Relief. 09/2021

Defense Contractor Entitled for Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. 09/2021

Seventh Circuit Reverses $9 Million Excise Tax Judgment Against Trucking Company. 09/2021

IRS Defers Applicability Date of Publicly Traded Partnership Withholding Regs. 09/2021

Chief Counsel Addresses Late Payments of Taxes Deferred Under CARES Act. 09/2021

IRS Provides Luxury Auto Depreciation Limits and Lease Inclusion Amounts for 2021. 08/2021

Tax Court's Ruling That Author Underpaid Self-Employment Taxes Affirmed on Appeal. 08/2021

Missing Estate Tax Info Might Provide Reasonable Cause for Late Return. 08/2021

IRS Issues Accounting Method Change Procedure to Comply With Final Sec. 451 Regs. 08/2021

Tax Treaty Doesn't Allow Foreign Tax Credit to Offset Net Investment Income Tax. 08/2021

Gross Receipts Safe Harbor Will Help Employers Qualify for Employee Retention Credit. 08/2021

Employee Retention Credit Does Not Apply to Wages of Owner and Family. 08/2021

Tenth Circuit Rejects Constitutional Challenge to Passport Revocation for Tax Debts. 08/2021

Partnership Fails in Attempt to Deduct Loss With Related Party. 08/2021

IRS Provides Additional Guidance on Temporary COBRA Premium Assistance. 08/2021

Premature Estate Distributions May Result in Executor Being Liable for Estate's Taxes. 08/2021

Whistleblower Office Intentionally Deceived Whistleblower and Didn't Follow Regs. 08/2021

Proposed Regulations Implement New Rules for Electronic Return Filing. 08/2021

SBA Substantially Improves PPP Loan Forgiveness Process for Loans of $150,000 or Less. 08/2021

Fifth Circuit Asks State Court to Decide Property Interest in Wrongful Levy Case. 07/2021

Taxpayer's Claim for Refund Survives Government's Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Specificity. 07/2021

Incarceration and Embezzlement Weren't Reasonable Cause for Late Filed Tax Returns. 07/2021

Taxpayer Awarded Costs After Court Finds IRS's Positions on Basis and Method of Accounting ... 07/2021

Pastor Who Failed to File Form 4361 Was Not Exempt from Self-Employment Tax. 07/2021

Married Taxpayers Who Received Separate Notices May File Joint Tax Court Petition. 07/2021

Eleventh Circuit Affirms Tax Court's Denial of Deduction for Conservation Easement. 07/2021

Eighth Circuit: Ex Parte IRS Communications Didn't Warrant New CDP Hearing. 07/2021

Chief Counsel's Office: Abusive Tax Shelter Penalties Aren't Limited to Initial Promotion. 07/2021

Tax Court Addresses Basis Reduction Rules When Investment Property Debt Is Discharged. 07/2021

IRS Provides 2021 Penalty Relief for New Schedules K-2 and K-3. 07/2021

Supreme Court Reverses Ninth Circuit; Rejects California's Donor Disclosure Law. 07/2021

IRS Provides Special Election Procedures for Taxpayers with Farming Loss NOLs. 07/2021

Eleventh Circuit Affirms 90-Month Prison Sentence for Former Tax Return Preparer. 07/2021

Final Regs on Postponement of Disaster Deadlines Address Sec. 7508A(d) Ambiguities. 07/2021

Taxpayers Can't Deduct Business Expenses While Still in Startup Phase. 07/2021

Court Finds CPA Should Have Known Better Regarding FBAR Reporting Obligations. 06/2021

Supreme Court Again Upholds Constitutionality of Affordable Care Act. 06/2021

IRS Explains How to Change Depreciation Method to Comply with Recent Law Change. 06/2021

IRS Guidance Allows Partnerships to Apply 30-Year Recovery Period to Rental Property. 06/2021

Fifth Circuit Affirms Tax Court's Ruling That MoneyGram Is Not a Bank. 06/2021

Manufacturer's Minimum Rebate Guarantee Is Not Deductible in Year Made. 06/2021

S Corporation Owner Not Entitled to Theft Loss Deduction for Embezzlement Loss. 06/2021

Tax Court Upholds Validity of Marriage for Purposes of Estate Tax Marital Deduction. 06/2021

Tax Court Erred by Invoking Substance-Over-Form to Reverse Congressional Judgment. 06/2021

Chief Counsel Addresses Overpayment Interest Start Date When Filing Status Changes. 06/2021

White House Releases Tax Proposals as Part of Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Plan. 06/2021

Eighth Circuit Partially Upholds Regulation Defining Educational Organizations. 06/2021

Taxpayer With No Gross Receipts Can't Recover Cost of Goods Sold. 05/2021

Purchase of U.S. Residential Property from a Foreign Entity Causes Withholding Tax Headaches... 06/2021

Supreme Court Allows Challenge to Micro-Captive Insurance Transaction Reporting Requirements... 05/2021

New Procedures Allow Taxpayers Who Don't File 2020 Returns to Access Tax Benefits. 05/2021

IRS Guidance Provides Details on Temporary COBRA Premium Assistance. 05/2021

IRS Issues 2022 Inflation Adjusted Amounts for Health-Related Arrangements. 05/2021

Estate of Michael Jackson Wins Favorable Ruling in Valuation Dispute with IRS. 05/2021

Eleventh Circuit Upholds Denial of Entertainment Company Founder's $19 Million NOL Deduction. 05/2021

Taxpayers' Bad Investment Didn't Give Rise to Theft Loss Deduction. 05/2021

Circuits Split on Jurisdiction Over Claims for Overpayment Interest. 05/2021

Net Investment Income Tax Applies to Dividends Received by Majority Shareholder. 05/2021

IRS Addresses Dependent Care Benefits Under Extended Claims or Carryover Period. 05/2021

Court Upholds Third-Party Summons on Cannabis Dispensary's Software Vendor. 05/2021

Judge's Lavish Spending Precluded Discharge of Taxes in Bankruptcy. 05/2021

Court Upholds $3 Million Penalty for Willful Failure to Report Foreign Bank Account. 05/2021

CPA's Signature on Client's Refund Claim Doesn't Pass Muster; No Refund Allowed. 05/2021

Ninth Circuit Upholds Denial of Cannabis Dispensary's Claimed Exclusions. 05/2021

IRS Won't Follow Tax Court's Ruling in Insolvency Exception Case. 04/2021

Drug Manufacturer Must Capitalize Certain Legal Expenses Incurred in Obtaining Patents. 04/2021

Certain 2020 PPP-Related Expenses Are Deductible in 2021; Amended Returns Not Required. 04/2021

Substantial Discretionary Spending Didn't Preclude Discharge of Taxes in Bankruptcy. 04/2021

Taxpayer Can't Recoup Damages for Coin Collection Seized During Search of Her Home. 04/2021

Tax Court Rejects Constitutional Challenge to IRS Certification of Delinquent Tax Debts. 04/2021

Clothing Company's Design Process Doesn't Qualify for Research Credits. 04/2021

IRS Suspends Repayment of Excess Advance Payments of the 2020 Premium Tax Credit. 04/2021

Tax Court Holds That Split-Dollar Insurance Benefits Are Guaranteed Payments. 04/2021

IRS Provides Guidance on Temporary 100-Percent Deduction for Business Meal Expenses. 04/2021

IRS Clarifies Rules for 2021 Employee Retention Tax Credit. 04/2021

Second Circuit Upholds Lump Sum Garnishment Order as Restitution for Tax Crimes. 04/2021

D.C. Circuit Affirms Tax Court's Ruling That Investment Partnership Was a Sham. 04/2021

Court Upholds Constitutionality of Passport Revocations for Delinquent Tax Debts. 04/2021

TCJA Change to Gambling Loss Limit Applies Only to Individuals. 04/2021

Amounts Paid for Certain Personal Protective Equipment Treated as Medical Expenses. 04/2021

Ninth Circuit: Late FBAR Penalty Applies Per Filing, Not Per Account. 04/2021

SBA Updates PPP Guidance for Changes Made by Recent Legislation. 04/2021

Most Popular: IRS Postpones Multiple Tax Filing and Payment Deadlines. 03/2021

Taxpayers' Closing Agreement on FBAR Penalties Wasn't Entered Under Duress. 03/2021

Payments to Microcaptive Insurance Company by Family Business Aren't Deductible. 03/2021

Faxing a Courtesy Copy of Taxpayer's Return to IRS Doesn't Qualify as a "Filing". 03/2021

Business Owner's Reliance on Competent Bookkeepers Helps Avoid Penalties. 03/2021

Court Holds Certain Purchases Using Credit Card Rewards Are Taxable. 03/2021

SBA Loosens Rules on PPP Loan Amount Calculations and Eligibility Requirements. 03/2021

IRS Provides Updated FAQs and Examples on Employee Retention Credit. 03/2021

In-Depth: The $1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Package is Loaded with Tax Provisions. 03/2020

CPA Sample Client Letter: American Rescue Plan Act. 03/2021

Court Values Estate's LLC Interests; Discounts Apply to Split Donation. 03/2021

Eighth Circuit Reverses Tax Court; Virgin Islands Tax Return Did Not Trigger Statute of Limitations. 03/2021

Bankruptcy Court Allows Debtors to Retain Their Tax Refund for Necessary Expenses. 02/2021

Medical Cannabis Dispensary's Claimed Deductions Go Up In Smoke In Tax Court. 02/2021

Tax Court Allows Taxpayer to Disregard Form of Transaction Under Step Transaction Doctrine. 02/2021

IRS Provides Additional COVID-19 Relief Guidance for Cafeteria Plans. 02/2021

Tax Court Upholds Denial of $5.4 Million Deduction for Conservation Easement. 02/2021

First Circuit Upholds Garnishment Order on Convicted CFO's Retirement Account. 02/2021

Additional Tax on Early IRA Withdrawals Doesn't Require IRS Supervisory Approval. 02/2021

Farming Activity Was Not a Trade or Business; Expenses Must be Capitalized as Start-Up Costs. 02/2021

Tax Court Denies Attorney's Deductions for Lodging and Travel Expenses. 02/2021

IRS Provides Safe Harbor for Eligible Educators to Deduct Unreimbursed PPE Expenses. 02/2021

SBA Issues Interim Final Rule on New Changes to Paycheck Protection Program. 02/2021

IRS Not Required to Separately Assess Transferees for Transferor Liability. 02/2021

Exxon Mobil Avoids $200 Million Penalty for Erroneous Refund Claim. 02/2021

Payments to Shareholders Were Disguised Dividends, Not Deductible Management Fees. 02/2021

Notice Mailed to Address Shared with Other Businesses Started 30-day Filing Deadline. 02/2021

IRS Addresses Calculation of Specified Cooperatives' W-2 Wages Under Sec. 199A. 02/2021

IRS Provides Penalty Relief to Partnerships for Form 1065 Reporting Inaccuracies. 02/2021

IRS Finalizes Regs on TCJA Disallowance of Deduction for Fines and Penalties. 02/2021

SBA Issues Guidance on Re-Opened Paycheck Protection Program. 01/2021

Fourth Circuit Affirms Denial of Charitable Deduction for "Donation" of Home. 01/2021

Third Circuit Holds That IRS Did Not Send Notice to Taxpayer's Last Known Address. 01/2021

IRS Grants Temporary Relief for Employers Using Automobile Lease Valuation Rule. 01/2021

IRS Issues Final Regs on Sec. 163(j) Interest Expense Deduction Limitation. 01/2021

IRS Obsoletes Previous Guidance on Deductibility of PPP Loan Expenses. 01/2021

Most Popular: Top 10 Tax Developments of 2020. 01/2020

February 1 Deadline Looms for Forms W-2 and 1099-MISC, and New Form 1099-NEC. 01/2021

CPA Sample Client Letter: Requirement to File Forms 1099. 01/2021

Taxpayer Serving as "Voice of Organization" Is Liable for Penalties as Nonprofit's Alter Ego. 01/2021

Business, Medical, and Moving Standard Mileage Rates Decrease for 2021. 01/2021

Approaching Deadlines for Forms W-2 and 1099s; What to Do About Missing Forms. 01/2021

Final Sec. 451 Regs Introduce New Methods for Income Inclusion and Cost Offsets. 01/2021

IRS Finalizes Simplified Tax Accounting Regulations for Small Businesses. 01/2021

In-Depth: President Signs $900B Covid Relief Package; Paycheck Protection Program Expanded. 12/2020

Third Circuit Upholds Attorney's Conviction for Failing to Collect and Pay Payroll Taxes. 12/2020

Taxpayer's Conduct in Violating FBAR Rules Was Reckless; Higher Penalties Apply. 12/2020

IRS Finalizes Regulations on Extended Rollover Period for a Qualified Plan Loan Offset. 12/2020

Partnership Tax Insurance Premiums Are Nondeductible. 12/2020

Corporation Was Required to Report Notes Received on Sale of Products as Income. 12/2020

Statute of Limitations Bars Backup-Withholding Assessment Despite Business Owner's Failure to ... 12/2020

IRS Finalizes Transportation and Commuting Expense Regs. 12/2020

IRS Adopts Rules for Exempt Organizations with More Than One Unrelated Business. 12/2020

Coca-Cola's Challenge to IRS Transfer Pricing Adjustments Fizzles Out in Tax Court. 12/2020

Proposed Regs Cover Wide Array of Partnership Special Enforcement Matters. 12/2020

Final Section 1031 Regs Eliminate "Purpose or Use Test" from Real Property Definition. 12/2020

Popular: IRS Confirms Deductibility Rules for Expenses Paid with PPP Funds; Issues Safe Harbor. 12/2020

Doctor Is Subject to Penalties for Failing to Report Employer Welfare Benefit Payments. 11/2020

Ninth Circuit Upholds Tax Court's Adjustments Cement Company's Depletion Deduction. 11/2020

Professional Employer Organization Defeats IRS Appeal in FICA Tip Credit Case. 11/2020

IRS Allows Taxpayers to Choose to Apply Final or Proposed Bonus Depreciation Regs. 11/2020

IRS Announces Approval of SALT Cap Workarounds Using Passthrough Entities. 11/2020

In-Depth Look: 2020 Year-End Tax Planning Guide for INDIVIDUALS. 11/2020

CPA Sample Client Letter: Year-End Tax Planning for INDIVIDUALS. 11/2020

Beneficiary Is Liable for Estate Taxes as a Result of Transfers Received. 11/2020

Eleventh Circuit Reverses Decision Disallowing Conservation Easement Deductions. 11/2020

Tax Prep Software Troubles and Incompetent Employees Don't Negate Penalties. 11/2020

Tax Court: Gambling Losses Were Substantiated Using Statistical Analysis. 11/2020

IRS Releases Retirement-Related COLAs; 401(k) and IRA Contribution Limits Unchanged. 11/2020

IRS Issues Inflation-Adjusted Amounts for 2021. 11/2020

In-Depth Look: 2020 Year-End Tax Planning Guide for BUSINESSES. 11/2020

CPA Sample Client Letter: Year-End Tax Planning for BUSINESSES. 11/2020

Employer Must Withhold and Report Plan Payments to Unclaimed Property Funds. 10/2020

Daily Fantasy Sports Fees Are Amounts Paid for Wagering Transactions. 10/2020

IRS Updates List of Permissible Reasons for 60-day Rollover Waiver; Includes Distributions to a ... 10/2020

IRS Relaxes Withholding Rules on Transfers of Partnership Interests. 10/2020

Tax Court: IRS Can't Assess 40% Penalty After Failing to Get Approval for 20% Penalty. 10/2020

Simplified PPP Loan Forgiveness Form Exempts Certain Borrowers from Reductions. 10/2020

Accountant Who Bungled Couple's Tax Return Couldn't Shift Blame to Their Attorney. 10/2020

IRS Extends Replacement Period under Section 1033 for Certain Livestock Sales. 10/2020

Prison Confinement Doesn't Excuse Failure to File Return or Make Election to Itemize. 10/2020

IRS Finalizes Regs on Withholding on Periodic Retirement and Annuity Payments. 10/2020

ABLE Regs Expand List of Individuals with Signature Authority over ABLE Accounts. 10/2020

Couple Loses Deduction After Failing to Show Hours Spent on Rental Property by Others. 10/2020

IRS Finalizes Income Tax Withholding Regs; Provides Optional Computational Bridge Entries. 10/2020

Most Popular: IRS Finalizes Regs on Deductibility of Entertainment and Food Expenses. 10/2020

IRS Finalizes Regs Clarifying the Definition of Qualifying Relative for Years 2018-2025. 10/2020

Couple's Lavish Spending Prevents Discharge of Taxes in Bankruptcy. 10/2020

Taxpayer Filed a Valid Return, Despite Lack of Identity Protection PIN. 09/2020

IRS Finalizes Eligible Terminated S Corporation Regulations. 09/2020

Taxpayer Who Set up Nonprofit S Corporation Can't Pass Thru Losses. 09/2020

Final Regs Address the Effect of Sections 67(g) and 642(h) on Trusts and Estates. 09/2020

Most Popular: IRS Finalizes Bonus Depreciation Regs; Withdraws Partnership Look-Through Rule. 09/2020

Fraud Conviction Overturned in Connection with Executive's 401(k) Withdrawals. 09/2020

Minister Who Failed to Pay Self-Employment Taxes Can't Collect Social Security or Medicare. 09/2020

Most Popular: Tax Court Disallows Losses from S Corp Transaction Due to Lack of Economic Substance. 09/2020

Most Popular: Tax Court Rejects IRS Recharacterization of Stock Donation to Donor Advised Fund. 09/2020

Eleventh Circuit Reverses Lower Court; Couple Can't Exclude Award from Income. 09/2020

IRS Provides Q&A Guidance on Changes in SECURE Act and Miners Act. 09/2020

IRS Notice on Payroll Tax Deferral Still Leaves Many Questions Unanswered. 09/2020

Most Popular: SBA Loosens Loan Forgiveness Rules for Owner-Employees. 09/2020

Taxpayer Partially Waived Work-Product Immunity by Disclosing Valuation Report to IRS. 09/2020

Court Rejects IRS Attempt to Pierce Tile Contractor's Corporate Veil. 09/2020

Taxpayers Substantially Complied with Requirements for Charitable Donation. 09/2020

On Remand, Court Rejects President Trump's Challenge to Subpoena for His Tax Returns. 08/2020

Seventh Circuit Affirms That Purported Loans Were Not Bona Fide Debt. 08/2020

Debt Cancelled by Former Employer Was Ordinary Income, Not Capital Gain. 08/2020

IRS Proposes Regulations on Extended Rollover Period for a Qualified Plan Loan Offset. 08/2020

Business Groups Indicate That Many Members Will Not Defer Payroll Tax Withholding. 08/2020

Using Property Management Company to Rent Properties Precluded Loss Deductions. 08/2020

State Incentive Grants to Corporation Were Not Nontaxable Contributions to Capital. 08/2020

IRS Issues Proposed Carried Interest Regs; Warns Against Circumventing Rules. 08/2020

IRS Finalizes Regs on Charitable Donations Made in Exchange for Consideration. 08/2020

Court Addresses Priority of Income Taxes Incurred in Year of Bankruptcy. 08/2020

State Incentive Grants to Corporation Were Not Nontaxable Contributions to Capital. 08/2020

Alimony and Payments to Divorce Lawyer Did Not Increase Basis of Marital Property. 08/2020

IRS Issues Final Regs on Business Interest Expense Deduction Limitation. 08/2020

Most Popular: IRS Simplifies Tax Accounting Rules for Small Businesses. 08/2020

President Trump Signs Memorandum on Deferring Payroll Tax Obligations. 08/2020

Bankruptcy Trustee Can Avoid Tax Lien for Benefit of Bankruptcy Estate. 08/2020

Taxpayer Should Not Have Been Precluded from Disputing Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. 08/2020

Eighth Circuit Holds 30-Day Deadline for Filing a Tax Court Petition Is Jurisdictional. 07/2020

IRS Proposes Redesigned Partnership Return for Tax Year 2021. 07/2020

Mansion Was Capital Asset, Not Section 1231 Property, Despite Substantial Renovations. 07/2020

Cancelled Debt Isn't Excludible from Income as Qualified Principal Residence Debt. 07/2020

IRS Issues Final and Proposed Guidance on Recapturing Excess Employment Tax Credits. 07/2020

IRS Provides Luxury Auto Depreciation Limits and Lease Inclusion Amounts for 2020. 07/2020

Non-Willful FBAR Penalties Are Calculated Per FBAR Report, Not Per Financial Account. 07/2020

Supreme Court Keeps Door Open for Congress to Subpoena President's Tax Returns. 07/2020

Supreme Court: President's Tax Returns Are Fair Game for Criminal Subpoenas. 07/2020

Tax Court Holds That Part of Taxpayer's Settlement Award Is Excludable from Income. 07/2020

IRS Issues Guidance on Reporting Qualified Leave Wages Paid Under Families First Act. 07/2020

UPDATE: President Signs Paycheck Protection Program Extension Act; New Deadline Is August 8. 07/2020

CPA Sample Client Letter: Paycheck Protection Program Extension Act. 07/2020

Proposed Regs Address TCJA Changes to Transportation & Commuting Expenses. 07/2020

Sec. 1031 Prop. Regs: Transfer of Incidental Personal Property Doesn't Taint Exchange. 07/2020

Taxpayers Have Until August 31 to Roll 2020 RMDs Back into a Retirement Accounts. 07/2020

IRS Expands Favorable Treatment on COVID-Related Retirement Plan Distributions. 07/2020

Most Popular: SBA Clarifies Loan Forgiveness Limits for Owner Compensation; Releases New EZ Loan Forgiveness Application and Other PPP-Related Guidance. 07/2020

Final 199A Regs Address Suspended Losses Included in Qualified Business Income. 07/2020

Tax Court Petitions Delivered by a FedEx Service Not on the IRS's Formal List Were Untimely. 06/2020

Tax Court Lacked Jurisdiction to Review Disallowed Section 1031 Exchange. 06/2020

Most Popular: SBA Clarifies Loan Forgiveness Limits for Owner Compensation; New EZ Loan Forgiveness ... 06/2020

Tax Court: Transfers to Liquidating Trusts Did Not Result in Deductible Losses. 06/2020

Proposed Regs Clarify the Definition of Qualifying Relative for Years 2018-2025. 06/2020

Proposed Regs Address Deductibility of Certain Medical Care Payments. 06/2020

Uncashed Check from Debtor's 401k Isn't Excludible from Bankruptcy Estate. 06/2020

Tax Court Had Jurisdiction to Review Computational Adjustments in CDP Case. 06/2020

Federal Circuit Reverses Claims Court for a 2nd Time on the Same Case; Couple Can Deduct... 06/2020

Tax Court Upholds Denial of Taxpayer's Qualified Residence Interest Deductions. 06/2020

Most Popular: SBA Eliminates Cliff for Borrowers Using Less Than 60% of PPP Loans for Payroll Costs. 06/2020

IRS Finalizes Rule Ending Donor Reporting Requirement. 06/2020

Most Popular: Payments for Accounting Services Were Wages, Not Self-Employment Income. 06/2020

IRS Delays Deadlines Applicable to Employment Taxes, Employee Benefits, and Exempt Orgs. 06/2020

In-Depth: An In-Depth Look: The Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act. 06/06/2020

CPA Sample Client Letter: Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act. 06/06/2020

New Guidance Clarifies PPP Loan Forgiveness Criteria and Calculations. 06/2020

IRS Removes Section 385 Documentation Rules, But Keeps Distribution Rules. 05/2020

Tax Court Reversed; Golf Course Doesn't Destroy Validity of Easement Contribution. 05/2020

Tax Court Upholds Denial of Conservation Easement Deduction. 05/2020

IRS Can Offset Chapter 7 Debtor's Overpayment Against Preexisting Tax Liability. 05/2020

IRS Takes Whirlpool to the Cleaners in Case Involving Subpart F Income. 05/2020

Proposed Regs Address Effect of Sections 67(g) and 642(h) on Trusts and Estates. 05/2020

IRS Provides Relief Through Increased Flexibility for Taxpayers in Cafeteria Plans. 05/2020

In-Depth: SBA Releases Complicated PPP Loan Forgiveness Application and Expanded FAQ. 05/21/2020

IRS Provides Temporary Procedures for Faxing Certain Forms 1139 and 1045. 05/2020

Court Disallows IRS Setoff in Farm Bankruptcy, but Can't Order IRS to Issue a Refund. 05/2020

IRS Can't Offset Withheld Taxes Against Bankrupt Farm's Capital Gains Tax Debt. 05/2020

Partnership Interest Was Includible in Gross Estate, Despite Transfer to Trust. 05/2020

Prop Regs Address Calculation of UBTI for Exempt Orgs with Multiple Businesses. 05/2020

Most Popular: No Deduction Allowed for Expenses Relating to Forgiven PPP Loans. 05/2020

Contingency Involving Taxpayer's Child Precludes Alimony from Being Deductible. 04/2020

Alternative Fuel Mixture Credit Did Not Apply to Taxpayer's Mixture of Butane and Gasoline. 04/2020

IRS Extends Time to File Application for Tentative NOL Carryback Adjustment. 04/2020

Most Popular: IRS Expands Filing and Payment Deadlines; Extends Time for Performing Certain Actions. 04/2020

In-Depth: Congress Adds $310 Billion to PPP; Businesses Get a Second Chance ... 04/24/2020

CPA Sample Client Letter: Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) - Additional Funding Available. 04/24/2020

Tax Court Rejects Taxpayer's Arguments for Higher Whistleblower Award. 04/2020

Tenth Circuit Upholds Denial of Insolvency Exclusion for Discharged Debt Income. 04/2020

IRS Issues Procedures for Waiving NOL Carrybacks. 04/2020

Taxpayer's Farm Was Included in Gross Estate, Despite Purported Sale Before Death. 04/2020

Individuals Can File Simplified Return to Claim CARES Act Recovery Rebates. 04/2020

Procedures Issued for Deducting Qualified Improvement Property Depreciation for Prior Years. 04/2020

Eleventh Circuit Upholds Denial of Taxpayer's Travel Expense Deduction. 04/2020

IRS Provides Relief from Penalty for a Failure to Timely Deposit Employment Taxes. 04/2020

No CDP Hearing for Couple Who Had Prior Opportunity to Dispute Tax Liability. 04/2020

In-Depth: A Tax Practitioner's Guide to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). 04/08/2020

CPA Sample Client Letter: The CARES ACT - Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). 04/08/2020

In-Depth: A Tax Practitioner's Guide to the CARES Act. 03/31/2020

CPA Sample Client Letter: The CARES ACT - Individual and Business. 03/31/2020

President Signs Families First Act; Senate Passes $2 Trillion CARES Act. 03/27/2020

CPA Sample Client Letter: The Families First Act and The CARES Act. 03/27/2020

Deadline for Income Tax Returns and Payments Postponed to July 15 due to COVID-19. 03/2020

CPA Sample Client Letter: Coronavirus-Related Postponement of Tax Deadlines. 03/2020

Section 7508A(c) Provides Exception to Limitation on Interest on Overpayments. 03/2020

CPA's Serious Illness Did Not Excuse Couple's Failure to File Tax Return on Time. 03/2020

Supreme Court Strikes Down Rule for Allocating Tax Refunds Among Members of Consol... 03/2020

IRS Provides Tax Relief for Certain Foreign Trusts and Steps for Requesting Refunds. 03/2020

Basis and At-Risk Loss Rules Apply in Determining Partner's Self-Employment Tax. 03/2020

Tax Preparer Wins Costs and Fees after Prevailing in Action for Refund of Penalties. 03/2020

Tax Court Rejects Constitutional Challenge to Early IRA Withdrawal Penalties. 03/2020

High-Deductible Health Plans Can Cover Coronavirus Costs. 03/2020

Court Orders Trial on Amount of Income Taxpayer Received in Counterfeit Check Scheme. 03/2020

Retirement Funds Received in Divorce Settlement Were Not Exempt in Bankruptcy. 03/2020

Taxpayer's Extravagant Lifestyle Prevents Tax Debts from Being Discharged. 03/2020

Prop. Regs Address Federal Income Tax Withholding and Redesigned Form W-4. 03/2020

Taxpayer's Guarantees on Loans to Related Businesses Entitled Him to Deduct Losses. 02/2020

IRS Issues Uniform Capitalization Guidance for Farmers. 02/2020

Proposed Regs Address Deductibility of Entertainment and Food or Beverage Expenses. 02/2020

District Court Properly Denied Tax Protester's Request for Competency Hearing. 02/2020

Conservation Easement Deduction Fails Due to Donor's Retained Development Rights. 02/2020

Statute Began to Run on Date Returns Were Filed, Not on Date Taxpayer Lied to IRS. 02/2020

Requests for Tax-Exempt Status Must Now Be Filed Electronically. 02/2020

Most Popular: What to Do About Missing Forms W-2 and Forms 1099. 02/2020

Certain Payments to Acquire Auto and Equipment Leases Must be Capitalized. 02/2020

Final Regs Increase Maximum Value for Personal Use of Employer-Provided Vehicles. 02/2020

Trust Fund Recovery Penalties Are Subject to Written Supervisory Approval Requirement. 02/2020

Former Congressman's Conviction for Filing False Tax Return Affirmed. 02/2020

Supervisory Approval Required for Listed Transaction Penalty. 02/2020

Late Filing Penalty Did Not Apply Where Estate Tax Was Paid Before Extended Due Date. 02/2020

Medication-Induced Compulsive Gambling Is Not a Disability Excusing Penalty on ... 02/2020

IRS Provides Additional Debt Relief for Certain Student Loan Borrowers. 01/2020

Most Popular: Office of Chief Counsel: Relief for Failing to Timely File a Partnership Return Has Not Become .... 01/2020

IRS Did Not Formally Communicate a Penalty Determination Before Issuing a Notice of Deficiency. 01/2020

Tax Court Addresses Burden of Production in Penalty Supervisory Approval Cases. 01/2020

Donors of Items Salvaged from Deconstructed Home Failed to Substantiate Donations. 01/2020

Executor Who Transferred Estate Assets Held Personally Liable for Unpaid Estate Taxes. 01/2020

Most Popular: IRS Supervisory Approval Required Before First Formal Communication of Penalties. 01/2020

S Corporation ESOP Did Not Qualify Due to Operational and Form Failures. 01/2020

Foreign LLC's Income Is Not Exempt from U.S. Tax under U.K. - U.S. Treaty. 01/2020

District Court Allows Lawsuit Challenging IRS Rulemaking Procedure to Go Forward. 01/2020

Third Circuit Upholds Tax Evasion Convictions, but Reverses Restitution Judgment. 01/2020

Russian Citizen's Wages Are Exempt from U.S. Tax under U.S. - Russia Treaty. 01/2020

Taxpayer Improperly Used Installment Method to Report Mobile Home Sales. 01/2020

Final Regs Address Foreign Withholding Rules. 01/2020

Business, Medical, and Moving Standard Mileage Rates Decrease for 2020. 01/2020

Fifth Circuit Affirms ACA Individual Mandate Is Unconstitutional; Severability Question Remains. 01/2020

Most Popular: Top Tax Developments of 2019. 01/2020

Most Popular: IRS Finalizes Foreign Tax Credit and Other Foreign-Related Regulations. 01/2020

Final Section 355(e) Regs Apply to Synthetic Spin-offs. 01/2020

MoneyGram Can't Take an Ordinary Loss on Worthless Securities. 01/2020

Employers' Cash Reimbursements for Malfunctioning Transit Cards Are Taxable Income. 01/2020

Tax Court Upholds Worthless Security Deduction in Year Company Began Winding Down. 01/2020

Proposed Regs Clarify Rules on Charitable Donations and State Tax Considerations. 01/2020


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