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Tax Research Articles - Archived 2018-2019

In-Depth Analysis: Year-End Tax Act. (Client Letters Included. 12/30/2019

Most Popular: IRS Postpones Reporting Capital Accounts on Tax Basis. 12/2019

Most Popular: Appropriations Bill Includes Tax Extenders and Numerous Other Tax Provisions. 12/2019

Currency Option Trades Lacked Economic Substance; Resulting Losses Are Disallowed. 12/2019

5 Percent, Not 35 Percent, Penalty Applies to Late Reported Foreign Trust Distributions. 12/2019

No Bad Debt Deduction for Payment Properly Characterized as Capital Contribution. 12/2019

Final Estate Regs Address Application of Increased TCJA Basic Exclusion Amount. 12/2019

Losses from Taxpayer's Cutting Horse Activity Deductible Despite Long History of Unprofitability. 12/2019

IRS Updates Per Diem Substantiation Methods for TCJA Changes. 12/2019

Taxpayers Can't Sue to Stop IRS from Receiving Privileged Info from Former Attorney. 12/2019

Most Popular: IRS Updates Rev. Proc. for TCJA Changes to Auto and Moving Expense Deductions. 12/2019

Federal Circuit Upholds $803,000 Penalty for Willful FBAR Violation. 12/2019

IRS Releases Retirement-Related COLAs; 401(k) Contribution Limit Increases to $19,500. 12/2019

Partnership's Reporting of Partial Gain Was Enough to Preclude Extension of Statute. 12/2019

Proposed Regs on Eligible Terminated S Corporations Introduce New Priority Rule for Sourcing ... 11/2019

IRS Issues Inflation-Adjusted Amounts for 2020. 11/2019

Seventh Circuit Reverses Course on Allowing Circumvention of Appeal Deadline. 11/2019

Ambiguous IRS Notice Sinks Taxpayer's Tax Court Petition. 11/2019

Court Nixes $155 Million Conservation Easement Deduction Due to Faulty Deed Provisions. 11/2019

Tax Court: No Deductions Allowed for Medical Marijuana Businesses, Including Those Operating ... 11/2019

IRS Can't Offset One Taxpayer's Deficiency Using a Related Taxpayer's Overpayment. 11/2019

An In-Depth Look: Practitioner's 2019 Year-End Tax Planning Guide for BUSINESSES. 11/2019

CPA Sample Client Letter: Year-End Tax Planning for BUSINESSES. 11/2019

An In-Depth Look: Practitioner's 2019 Year-End Tax Planning Guide for INDIVIDUALS. 11/2019

CPA Sample Client Letter: Year-End Tax Planning for INDIVIDUALS. 11/2019

Cooperative's Payments to Members Were Per-Unit Retain Allocations for Section 199 Purposes. 11/2019

Federal Circuit: Lower Interest Rate on Refunds Applies to Nonprofit Corporations. 11/2019

Court Finds That Taxpayer's Letter to IRS Was a Timely Filed Informal Refund Claim. 11/2019

IRS Issues Second Draft of Form 1040 and New Form 1040-SR. 11/2019

S Corporation's AAA Resets to Zero after a Post-Termination Transition Period. 10/2019

Finder's Fee Paid in Connection with Merger Was Not a Deductible Business Expense. 10/2019

IRS Issues Draft Instructions for Qualified Business Income Deduction. 10/2019

IRS Issues 2019-2020 Special Per Diem Rates. 10/2019

Employer's Failure to File Form 945 Prevents Statue of Limitations from Applying. 10/2019

Appeals Court Rejects Tax Fraud Restitution Order Due to Sloppy IRS Substantiation. 10/2019

Taxpayer Not Entitled to Itemized Deductions on Substitute Return Filed by IRS. 10/2019

IRS Extends Replacement Period under Section 1033 for Certain Livestock Sales. 10/2019

IRS Issues Draft 2019 Forms 1065, 1120-S, and Schedules K-1. 10/2019

District Court Upholds TCJA Limit on State and Local Tax Deductions. 10/2019

IRS Finalizes Regs on Partnership Disguised Sales and Recourse Liabilities. 10/2019

Final Regs Modify Qualifications for a 401(k) Hardship Distribution. 10/2019

Taxpayer Was Entitled to Business Bad Debt Deduction for Unrepaid Loan. 10/2019

New Bonus Depreciation Proposed Regs Issued. 10/2019

IRS Finalizes Bonus Depreciation Regs; Clarifies Expansion of Qualifying Property. 10/2019

In-Depth: IRS Expands and Finalizes Section 199A Safe Harbor for Rental Real Estate. 09/2019

Tax Return Photocopies Aren't Subject to Frivolous Return Penalties. 09/2019

Court Denies Motion to Expedite Lawsuit to Compel Production of President's Tax Returns. 09/2019

Penalty Relief Provided to Exempt Orgs That Relied on Revenue Procedure 2018-38. 09/2019

Rental Prop Subject to Management Agreements Can't be Grouped with Other Rental Activities. 09/2019

Draft Instructions for Calculating QBI Deduction Provide Additional Guidance. 09/2019

No Casualty Loss Deduction for Stigmatization Resulting from Flood Damage. 09/2019

Court Rejects IRS's Classification of Partnership Interest Expense as Investment Interest. 09/2019

Proposed Regs Implement TCJA Changes to Code Sec. 451 for Accrual Method Taxpayers. 09/2019

IRS Settlement Officer Acted Unreasonably in Closing Taxpayer's CDP Case. 09/2019

IRS Provides Relief for Domestic Partnership and S Corp Filings Under GILTI Regs. 09/2019

Proposed Regs Increase Maximum Value for Personal Use of Employer-Provided Vehicles. 09/2019

Taxpayer Failed to Make Delinquent 401(k) Loan Repayments Within Grace Period. 08/2019

Most Popular: IRS Automatically Waiving 2018 Estimated Tax Penalty for More Than 400,000 Filers. 08/2019

Tax Court Addresses Gift Tax Valuation of Interdependent Closely-Held Companies. 08/2019

Taxpayer Could Not Exclude Uncashed Check for a Qualified Retirement Plan Distribution. 08/2019

Fair Market Valuation Method Does Not Include an Exception for Fraudulent or Criminal ... 08/2019

District Court Invalidates Regulation Defining Educational Organizations. 08/2019

Tax-Exempt Status Denied for Entity Operating as a Conduit to Generate Sales Leads. 08/2019

Court Strikes Down IRS Rule That Eliminated Exempt Organization Donor Reporting. 08/2019

Developer's Payments for Marketing Materials Were Nondeductible Bidding Costs. 08/2019

IRS Allows Taxpayers to Revoke or Make Late Bonus Depreciation Elections. 08/2019

Fourth Circuit Rejects Challenges to U.S.-Canada Tax Treaty. 08/2019

Chief Counsel's Office Addresses Effective Date and Scope of Casualty Loss Limitation. 08/2019

Most Popular: IRS Grants 6-Month Extension for Filing Forms 1065 to Certain Partnerships. 08/2019

No Bonus Depreciation Deduction for Rehabilitation of Burned Agricultural Property. 08/2019

Most Popular: IRS Releases Draft of 2019 Form 1040; Revises Drafts of Form 8895 and Form 8995-A. 08/2019

D.C. Circuit: 30-Day Period for Whistleblower Appeals Is Not Jurisdictional. 07/2019

Army Officer Not Entitled to Foreign Earned Income Exclusion While in Afghanistan. 07/2019

Most Popular: CPA Penalized for Aiding and Abetting Tax Understatements on More Than 5,000 Tax Returns. 07/2019

IRS Reminds Combat Veterans to File for Tax Refunds on Disability Payments Reported as Income. 07/2019

Late IRA Rollover Was Not Taxable Due to Bank's Bookkeeping Error. 07/2019

Final Regs Permit Employers to Use Truncated Taxpayer ID Numbers on Form W-2. 07/2019

No "Away from Home" Travel Deductions Allowed for Contract Employee. 07/2019

Tax Court Lacked Jurisdiction Because No Notice of Determination Was Issued. 07/2019

Early Withdrawal Did Not Render Debtor's Annuity Nonexempt in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. 07/2019

Author's Royalty Income from Publishing Contracts Was Subject to Self-Employment Taxes. 07/2019

Farm in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Can't Convert to Chapter 12 to Obtain More Favorable ... 07/2019

District Court Applied Wrong Definition of "Willful" in Return Preparer Penalty Case. 07/2019

Eleventh Circuit Reverses District Court, Upholds Taxpayer's Sec. 1341 Refund Claim. 07/2019

Final Regs Address Employment Taxes for Disregarded Entities Owned by a Partnership. 07/2019

Return Preparer's Fraud Suspended Couple's Statute of Limitations on Assessment. 06/2019

IRS Guidance Addresses Section 199A W-2 Wage Calculation for Certain Co-ops. 06/2019

Pastor Couldn't Exclude Payments as Parsonage Allowances or Gifts from Congregants. 06/2019

IRS Issues Proposed Section 199A Regs for Cooperatives and Their Patrons. 06/2019

IRS Finalizes Regs on ESBTs with Nonresident Aliens as Potential Current Beneficiaries. 06/2019

Most Popular: IRS Provides Safe Harbor for Charitable Donations Made In Exchange for SALT Credits. 06/2019

IRS Finalizes Regs Limiting Contributions in Exchange for State Tax Credits. 06/2019

Final Regulations Expand Use of Health Reimbursement Arrangements. 06/2019

Most Popular: Congress Passes IRS Reform Act with Bipartisan Support. 06/2019

Shareholders of Closely Held Corporation Were Liable as Transferees. 06/2019

IRS Failure to Verify Mailing of Notice of Deficiency Was Abuse of Discretion. 06/2019

Tax Court Nixes Assessment of Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP). 06/2019

D.C. Circuit Upholds Tax Court's Denial of Charitable Deduction for Remainder Interest. 06/2019

Eleventh Circuit Allows Injunctive Relief for IRS to Collect Unpaid Employment Taxes. 06/2019

IRS Provides Luxury Auto Depreciation Limits and Lease Inclusion Amounts for Autos Placed in ... 06/2019

IRS Releases Draft of Newly Designed Form W-4 for Use in 2020. 06/2019

Foreign-Owned Charter Yacht Not Off the Hook for Employment Taxes. 05/2019

Third Circuit Rejects Challenge to Controlled Foreign Corp Loan Guarantee Regs. 05/2019

Prop Regs Address Withholding on Transfers of Partnership Interests Involving Foreign Persons. 05/2019

CFO Was Responsible for Employment Taxes, Notwithstanding Government Receivership. 05/2019

IRS Offers Reasonable-Cause Relief for Returns Affected by CCH Software Outage. 05/2019

Eleventh Circuit Holds Shareholder Did Not Have Basis in Indirect Loans to S Corp. 05/2019

Couple Could Claim Credits Based on Medicaid Waiver Payment Excluded from Income. 05/2019

Former S Corp Must Reduce AAA for Distribution in Post-Termination Transition Period. 05/2019

Sixth Circuit Reverses District Court; Wrongful Levy Action Was Not Time Barred. 05/2019

IRS Can Use Lien and Levy Powers to Collect Criminal Restitution Amounts. 05/2019

Distributions of Casino Revenue Are Taxable to Native American Tribe Members. 05/2019

Where No Disclosure Is Required, There Is No Statute for Assessing Section 6707A Penalty. 05/2019

Tenth Circuit: IRS Can Make Initial Determination of Penalty After Issuing Notice of Deficiency. 05/2019

Federal Circuit Holds That Excess State Tax Credit Was Taxable Income. 05/2019

Most Popular: IRS Can Assess FBAR Penalty Based on # of Accounts Rather Than Number of Filings. 05/2019

Tax Court Addresses Deductibility of Business Owner's Settlement Payment. 05/2019

CPEOs Can't Be Used to Transform Self-employed Individuals and Partners into Employees. 05/2019

IRS Provides Safe Harbor for Pro Sports Teams' Trades of Personnel Contracts and Draft Picks. 05/2019

Timely Mailing Rule in Code Section 7502 Trumps Common-Law Mailbox Rule. 05/2019

IRS Addresses Interplay of State Tax Limitation and Home Office Deduction. 04/2019

IRS Issues Proposed Regs on Investments in Qualified Opportunity Zones. 04/2019

Two-Percent S Corp Shareholders by Attribution May Deduct Health Insurance Costs. 04/2019

Proposed ESBT Regs Clarify Tax Treatment of TCJA Changes. 04/2019

Most Popular: IRS Releases Draft 2019 Forms for Section 199A Deduction, Expands 199A FAQ. 04/2019

Treasury Department Promises Not to Seek Judicial Deference for Subregulatory Guidance. 04/2019

IRS Action for Unpaid Estate Taxes Not Barred by State Statute of Limitations. 04/2019

Taxpayer's Bill of Rights Does Not Provide Grounds for Challenging a Notice of Deficiency. 04/2019

Taxpayer Acquired Beneficial Ownership of S Corporation in Divorce. 04/2019

District Court Addresses Valuation of Minority Interest Stock for Gift Tax Purposes. 04/2019

Settlement Payments Relating to Death of S Corp Owner's Girlfriend Aren't Deductible. 04/2019

IRS Clarifies Tax Treatment of State and Local Tax Refunds. 04/2019

Ninth Circuit: Estate Overstated Amount of Charitable Deduction. 04/2019

D.C. Circuit Reverses District Court, Upholds PTIN Fee on Tax Return Preparers. 04/2019

TIGTA Releases Report on Code Section 199A Qualified Business Income Deduction. 04/2019

Penalty for Late Filing of S Corporation Does Not Require Supervisor Approval. 04/2019

Indian Tribal Corporation Not Liable for the Employment Taxes of Its Legally Distinct Division. 03/2019

CFC Partners of U.S. Partnership Had to Increase E & P for Subpart F Income. 03/2019

Computer-Generated Penalty Exempt from Written Supervisory Approval Requirement. 03/2019

Taxpayers Could Not Update Last Known Address on Forms 2848 or 4868. 03/2019

Ministers' Housing Allowance Exclusion Does Not Violate First Amendment. 03/2019

IRS Broadens Penalty Relief for Underpayment of Estimated Tax for 2018. 03/2019

Court Rejects Refund Claim Where POA Did Not Authorize Preparer to Sign the Claim. 03/2019

Supreme Court Reverses Eighth Circuit; Jury Award for Lost Wages Was Subject to Railroad Tax. 03/2019

Drug-Induced Compulsive Gambling Losses Aren't Deductible Casualty Losses. 03/2019

All Social Security Benefits Are Includible in MAGI in Determining Premium Tax Credit. 03/2019

IRS Provides Penalty Relief Relating to New Form 1065 K-1 Reporting Requirement. 03/2019

Bankruptcy Debtor Did Not Fraudulently Evade Paying Tax Debts. 03/2019

Federal Circuit Affirms Award of Litigation Costs to Partnership in TEFRA Proceeding. 03/2019

IRS Amends Low-Income Housing Credit Compliance-Monitoring Regulations. 03/2019

Taxpayer Allowed to Deduct Payment of Court-Ordered Alimony Arrearages. 03/2019

Most Popular: IRS National Office Addresses Tax Treatment of Employer-Provided Meals and Snacks. 03/2019

Most Popular: IRS Provides Safe Harbor Accounting Method for Automobile Depreciation Deductions. 03/2019

Taxpayers Can't Introduce New Issues through Rule 155 Computations. 02/2019

Charitable Deduction Disallowed for Donation of House to Deconstruction Organization. 02/2019

IRS Abused Its Discretion in Rejecting Taxpayer's Offer in Compromise. 02/2019

Eleventh Circuit: Waiver of NOL Carryback Was Irrevocable. 02/2019

Taxpayer's Sale of Intellectual Property Results in Capital Gain. 02/2019

Tax Court Upholds LLC's $2.9 Million Bad Debt Deduction. 02/2019

Court Rejects Novel Arguments and Holds Qui Tam Award Is Taxable Income. 02/2019

State Law Cured Defective Conveyance of Property Out of Estate. 02/2019

CPA May Have Been Negligent in Failing to Follow Up After E-Filing Couple's Return. 02/2019

CFO Who Paid Creditors Before the IRS Liable for Payroll Taxes. 02/2019

IRS Waiving Underpayment of Estimated Tax for Some Individuals for 2018 Returns. 02/2019

What to Do About Missing Forms W-2 and Forms 1099. 02/2019

CPA Can't Access Client's IRS Appeal Documents to Assist in His Criminal Case. 02/2019

Ninth Circuit: Question Exists on Whether Lien Attached to Property Purchased With Ponzi Scheme ... 01/2019

Two of Three Conservation Easements Did Not Give Rise to Charitable Deductions. 01/2019

IRS Updates Guidance on Vehicle Cents-Per-Mile Valuation Rules. 01/2019

Taxpayer "Willfully" Failed to File FBAR; Maximum Penalty Upheld. 01/2019

Top 12 Tax Developments of 2018. 01/2019

January 31 Deadline Looms for Forms W-2 and 1099-MISC; Strategies for Claiming 199A Deduction ... 01/2019

IRS Confirms Tax Filing Season Begins January 28; Plans to Pay Refunds During Government Shutdown. 01/2019

Second Circuit Reverses Tax Court; Roth IRA Arrangement Did Not Lack Economic Substance. 01/2019

IRS Lien Could Attach to Debtor's Interest in Nondebtor Spouse's Retirement Account. 01/2019

Third Circuit Clarifies Standard for Proving a "Willful" FBAR Violation. 01/2019

IRS to Limit Certain Partnerships from Opting Out of Centralized Partnership Audit Regime. 01/2019

IRS Finalizes Centralized Partnership Audit Regime Regulations. 01/2019

Most Popular: Final 199A Regs and Related Guidance Create Safe Harbor for Rental Real Estate. 01/2019

CPA Sample Client Letter: Rental Real Estate Safe Harbor. 01/2019

Draft IRS Pub. Includes New Schedules to Help Calculate Sec. 199A Deduction. 01/2019

IRS Guidance Clarifies Certain TCJA Property-Related Changes. 01/2019

An In-Depth Look: Practitioner's Year-End Tax Planning Guide for Businesses Post TCJA. 12/2018

CPA Sample Client Letter: Year-End Tax Planning for BUSINESSES. 12/2018

An In-Depth Look: Practitioner's Year-End Tax Planning Guide for Individuals Post TCJA. 12/2018

CPA Sample Client Letter: Year-End Tax Planning for INDIVIDUALS. 12/2018

Country Club Can't Deduct Nonmember Event Losses from Investment Income. 10/2018

IRS Releases Guidance on the Suspension of Personal Exemption Deductions. 10/2018

Church Members' Donations to Minister Were Taxable Income, Not Gifts. 10/2018

Increase in Value of Split-Dollar Insurance Policy Was a Distribution, not Income ... 10/2018

IRS Abused Its Discretion by Failing to Consider Proposed Offers and Hardship Claim. 10/2018

IRS Extends Replacement Period under Sec. 1033 for Certain Livestock Sales. 10/2018

Owner of Tax Prep Firm Was Not Liable for Penalties on Returns Signed by Employees. 10/2018

S Shareholder's Amended Filings Satisfied Requirement to Identify Inconsistencies with Return. 10/2018

In-Depth: IRS Issues Retroactive Guidance on Employer Credit for Paid Family and Medical Leave. 10/2018

Second Circuit Reverses Tax Court: Extensions of Variable Contracts Constituted Taxable ... 10/2018

Most Popular: IRS Clarifies Deductibility of Business Meal Expenses in Light of TCJA Changes. 10/2018

Latest Tax Research Bulletin: Read The Latest Tax Briefs and In-Depth Articles. 10/2018

German Resident Isn't Eligible for Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. 9/2018

Termination Payment Was Ordinary Income Subject to Self-Employment Tax. 9/2018

Taxpayer Qualified as Real Estate Professional; Rental Losses Not Limited by PAL Rules. 9/2018

Couple Failed to Show That "Act of State" Doctrine Applied to Foreign Distributions. 9/2018

IRS Extends Tax and Penalty Relief to Victims of Hurricane Florence. 9/2018

IRS Voluntary Annual Filing Season Program Withstands AICPA's Challenge. 9/2018

Ten-Year Statute Doesn't Apply to Refund Arising from Foreign Tax Deduction. 9/2018

IRS Rev. Proc. Addresses Accounting Method Changes for an Eligible Terminated S Corp. 8/2018

In-Depth: Proposed IRS Regs Prevent Taxpayers from Working Around SALT Limitation. 8/2018

Tax Court Did Not Have Jurisdiction Over S Corporation's Employment Tax Liability. 8/2018

Automatic Extensions Kept on Many Information Returns Other Than Form W-2 Series. 8/2018

IRS Rev. Proc. Addresses Automatic Accounting Method Changes for Small Businesses. 8/2018

In-Depth: Long Awaited Section 199A Proposed Regs Are Generally Favorable to Taxpayers. 8/2018

Breaking News: Long Awaited Section 199A Proposed Regs Are Generally Favorable to Taxpayers. 8/2018

In Depth: Bonus Depreciation Proposed Regs Issued; Taxpayers May Rely on Them Immediately. 8/2018

IRS Issues Guidance Relating to Certain Tuition Program and Education Expense Rules. 8/2018

Parents Who Lost Custody Could Not Claim Children as Dependents or Take Child Tax Credit or EITC. 8/2018

Spouse with No Control over Couple's Tax Filings Did Not Willfully Evade Payment of Taxes. 8/2018

Taxpayer Can't Deduct $400,000 Restitution Payment Made as Part of Criminal Sentence. 8/2018

LLCs Don't Qualify as "Customers" under the Right to Financial Privacy Act. 7/2018

Most Popular: IRS Urges Veterans to File Refund Claims Relating to Disability Severance Payments. 7/2018

Some Exempt Orgs No Longer Required to Report Donors' Names and Addresses to the IRS. 7/2018

Newly Enacted Section 67(g) Won't Prevent Certain Estate and Trust Deductions. 7/2018

Prop Regs Address TCJA's Expansion of Return Preparer Due Diligence Penalty to HOH Deter ... 7/2018

No Innocent Spouse Relief for Widow Who Failed to Report Insurance Proceeds on Form 8857. 7/2018

Nuclear Plant Operator's Waste Disposal Fees Did Not Qualify as Specified Liability Losses. 7/2018

IRS Supervisor Approval Not Required for Tax Court to Assess Frivolous Arguments' Penalty. 7/2018

Taxpayer Sues Mortgage Servicer for Not Including Capitalized Interest on Form 1098. 7/2018

S Corp Shareholder Not Entitled to Basis Increase as Loan Guarantor and Co-Borrower. 7/2018

IRS Wins Judgment Against Estate Where Decedent Used Tax Shelter to Avoid Taxes. 7/2018

Most Popular: Tenth Circuit Affirms That Marijuana Dispensary Can't Deduct Business Expenses. 7/2018

Latest Tax Research Bulletin: Read The Latest Tax Briefs and In-Depth Articles. 7/2018

Fifth Circuit Vacates Lower Court Decision on Taxpayer's Liability for Section 6672 Penalty. 7/2018

Summary Judgment Denied in Tax Court Case Involving Split Dollar Life Insurance Arrangements. 7/2018

Legal Fees Relating to Status of Investment Fund Distributions in Divorce Were Not Deductible ... 7/2018

S Shareholder Can't Unilaterally Elect FICA Tax Credit on S Corporation's Behalf. 7/2018

Most Popular: Taxpayers Are Liable for Penalties After IRS Assurances That No Penalties Would ... 6/2018

Supreme Court Reverses Seventh Circuit; No Railroad Tax on Stock Options. 6/2018

IRS Proposes Removal of Temp Regs on a Partner's Share of a Partnership Liability for Disguised ... 6/2018

Supreme Court Rejects Precedents in State Sales Tax Case; Quill and Bellas Hess Overruled. 6/2018

Taxpayer Can't Lay Blame for Failure to Pay Employment Taxes on Deceased Partner. 6/2018

Bank Failed to Establish Basis in Intangible Assets Acquired During S&L Crisis. 6/2018

IRA Trustee Must Withhold Federal Taxes on Amounts Paid to Unclaimed Property Fund. 6/2018

Tax Court Reduces Taxpayer's Basis in Solar Panel Venture, but Finds in Taxpayer's Favor on ... 6/2018

Taxpayer Was Independent Contractor, Notwithstanding Employee Status Indicated on Form W-2. 6/2018

IRS Liable for Damages for Willfully Violating Bankruptcy Discharge Order. 6/2018

Most Popular: IRS Clarifies 2018 Standard Mileage Rates Notice in Light of New Tax Law. 6/2018

Fifth Circuit Affirms Tax Court's Holdings on Closing Agreement and Offer In Compromise. 6/2018

Professional Gambler Can't Deduct Track's Takeout in Calculating Gambling Losses. 6/2018

Entertainment Company Was a Trade or Business, but Failed to Substantiate Expenses. 6/2018

Former University Employee Can't Exclude Tuition Waiver from Income. 6/2018

IRS Responds to State Legislative Attempts to Circumvent Limitation on SALT Deduction. 6/2018

Partnership Consisting of Disregarded Entities Didn't Qualify for TEFRA Small Partnership Exception. 6/2018

Most Popular: IRS Updates and Consolidates Guidance on Charitable Contributions. 6/2018

Taxpayers Must Exhaust Administrative Remedies before Recovering Costs for Bankruptcy Violations. 5/2018

Ten Year Limitations Period Did Not Apply to Taxpayer's Foreign Tax Credit Refund Claim. 5/2018

Federal Circuit Reverses Lower Court; Allows Partial Exclusion of Extraterritorial Income. 5/2018

Alleged Non-profit Was Really a Facade for a Doctor's Consulting Activity. 5/2018

IRS Does Not Bear Burden of Production in Partnership Level Proceedings. 5/2018

Most Popular: IRS Updates Accounting Method Change Procedure. 5/2018

Parents Induced to Sell Company at a Discount by Not Disclosing Nonpayment of Payroll Taxes. 5/2018

Pizza Company Liable for Excise Taxes on Excess Contributions to Pension Plan. 5/2018

Engineer's Losses from Music Activities Partially Allowed as Business Expenses. 5/2018

Insurers Can Bring Class Action for Unpaid ACA Cost Sharing Reduction Payments. 5/2018

Law Firm Can Equitably Recoup Employment Taxes Erroneously Paid by Related Entity. 5/2018

IRS Adjusts 2018 HSA Annual Limitation on Deductions. 5/2018

Most Popular: IRS Issues Guidance on Unreported Tip Income from "Tip Boxes". 5/2018

Attorney's Affidavit Insufficient to Rebut IRS's Proof of Claim in Bankruptcy. 4/2018

Late Filing of Carryback Application to Wrong Year Was Not an Informal Refund Claim. 4/2018

IRS Issues Interim Guidance on Business Interest Limitation Rules Effective in 2018. 4/2018

First Circuit Reverses Tax Court; Roth IRA Arrangement Did Not Lack Economic Substance. 4/2018

Hearing Officer Not Required to Substantively Analyze Supervisor's Approval of Penalty. 4/2018

Taxpayers May Continue to Rely on Rev. Proc. 2004-34 for Advance Payments. 4/2018

IRS Tax Lien Applied Only to Taxpayer's Half Interest in Former Marital Home. 4/2018

Case Against IRS Involving Phone Call Broadcast on Howard Stern Show Moves Forward. 4/2018

Supreme Court: Tax Obstruction Conviction Requires Awareness of Pending Proceeding. 4/2018

In-Depth: Appropriations Act Makes Major Modifications to the Partnership Audit Rules. 4/2018

Doctor's Royalty Income from Patent Is Ordinary Income, Not Capital Gain. 4/2018

Short Sale of Rental Property and Discharge of Mortgage Debt Resulted in No Gain or Loss. 4/2018

In-Depth: President Signs $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill Featuring Extensive Technical Tax Corrections. 4/2018

Gravel Sales Not Exempt from Tax under Native American Treaties. 3/2018

Liability for ACA Shared Responsibility Payment Isn't a Priority Claim in Bankruptcy. 3/2018

Proposed Regs Would Modify Definition of Short-Term, Limited-Duration Insurance. 3/2018

Penalty Imposed on Owner Who Used Loan Funds to Pay Expenses Instead of Payroll Taxes. 3/2018

Payment of Gain from Sale of Marital Home to Ex-Spouse Was Not Deductible as Alimony. 3/2018

IRS Extends Three-Year Carried Interest Holding Period to S Corporations. 3/2018

Couple Can't File Successive Motions to Extend Deadline to Appeal Tax Court Case. 3/2018

Payments from Foreign Sales Corporation Reclassified as Excess Roth IRA Contributions. 3/2018

IRS Gives More Time for Deducting Home Repair Damage Due to Presence of Pyrrhotite. 3/2018

Eleventh Circuit: Contract Termination Payment Was Ordinary Income, Not Capital Gain. 3/2018

Refund Claim for ACA Shared Responsibility Payment Was Properly Filed on Form 843. 3/2018

In-Depth: Prop Regs Address Adjustment of Tax Attributes Under Centralized Partnership Audit Rules. 3/2018

Deficiencies Resulting from Improper Inventory Reporting and Unreasonable Compensation Upheld. 3/2018

Lower Court Reversed; Deduction for Trust's Property Donation Is Limited to Basis. 2/2018

Tax Court Limits Real Estate Developer's Losses; Rejects Penalty Assessment. 2/2018

2018 Pension Plan Limitations Not Affected by Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017. 2/2018

Taxpayer Entitled to Innocent Spouse Relief for Tax on Former Spouse's Income, but Not for Tax ... 2/2018

Taxpayer's Self-Serving Affidavit Was Sufficient to Defeat Summary Judgment. 2/2018

Virgin Islands Tax Return Triggered Statute of Limitations When Forwarded to the IRS. 2/2018

Federal Circuit Reverses Lower Court; Supports Hospital's Bid for FICA Reimbursement. 2/2018

Third Circuit Affirms Tax Court; $10 Million in Transfers Were Equity Investments, Not Debt. 2/2018

Budget Bill Includes Tax Extenders, California Wildfire Disaster Relief, and a Grab Bag of Tax ... 2/2018

In-Depth Analysis: Section 199A Deduction for Qualified Business Income (Downloadable) 1/2018

Practice Aid: Three New TCJA Quick Reference Guides (Downloadables) 1/2018

In-Depth Article Form 1099 and Form W-2 Reporting Deadlines Fast Approaching 1/2018

CPA Client Letter: Requirement to File Forms 1099 1/2018

Bankruptcy Court Holds S Corporation Status Is Not Property for Bankruptcy Purposes. 1/2018

Standard Mileage Rates for 2018 Increase Slightly. 1/2018

Nonprofit Teaching Hospitals Subject to Income Tax on Fees from Third-Party Vendors. 1/2018

Tax Court Reconsiders Accuracy-Related Penalty in Light of Chai Decision, Still Sides With IRS. 1/2018

Fifth Circuit Rejects Challenges to Conviction for Willful Failure to Collect and Pay Over Taxes. 1/2018

Tax Court Upholds IRS Denial of Whistleblower Award. 1/2018

Fifth Circuit Rejects Challenges to Conviction for Willful Failure to Collect and Pay Over Taxes. 1/2018

Extended Limitations Period Did Not Apply to Omissions of Foreign Income. 1/2018

IRS Finalizes Rules on Opting Out of Centralized Partnership Audit Rules. 1/2018

District Court Holds That Settlement Proceeds Were Nontaxable; Disallows Deduction of Legal Fees. 1/2018

IRS Issues Updated Withholding Tables; Taxpayers Could See Changes by February. 1/2018

Tax Court Holds That Family Owned Investment Fund Manager Carried on a Trade or Business. 1/2018

Patent Owner Not Entitled to Capital Gains on Royalty Income. 1/2018

Prepaid 2018 Real Property Taxes Are Deductible in 2017 If Assessed and Paid in 2017. 1/2018

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My name is James Levey, and a few years back I founded a company named Kleinrock Publishing. I started Kleinrock out of frustration with the prohibitively high prices and difficult search engines of BNA, CCH, and RIA tax research products ... kind of reminiscent of the situation practitioners face today.

Now that Kleinrock has disappeared into CCH, prices are soaring again and ease-of-use has fallen by the wayside. The needs of smaller firms and sole practitioners are simply not being met.

To address the problem, I’ve partnered with a group of highly talented tax writers to create Parker Tax Publishing ... a company dedicated to the idea that comprehensive, authoritative tax information service can be both easy-to-use and highly affordable.

Our product, the Parker Tax Pro Library, is breathtaking in its scope. Check out the contents listing to the left to get a sense of all the valuable material you'll have access to when you subscribe.

Or better yet, take a minute to sign yourself up for a free trial, so you can experience first-hand just how easy it is to get results with the Pro Library!


James Levey

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